Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Destiny! Force of.

It's a piece of music by Verdi. La Forza del Destino! I am not gambling with the occult or anything along those lines...I realise this was unclear in my last post. I am, in fact, sitting in my father's house tootling away the theme to the Stella ad. I brought no other music with me because I am an idiot.

Work today was the same as work yesterday, except it was warmer. Just got excited about dinner (sausages, egg, chips,'s not just for breakfast anymore!) and clapped my little paws together, forgetting that my right paw is HIDEOUSLY BRUISED from two days of hardcore secateuring. I said "Ffffffff." and then stopped. Probably could've finished the word, in hindsight, as yesterday when Dad and I were watching tv upstairs the phone rang downstairs, and he roared "FUCK" and almost fell down the stairs trying to get it. Then he remembered that I was there.

Also, his girlfriend came round last night (she is 61 and a very nice lady if a little ditzy from time to time) and she said at one point, "oh I think I'll take off my slippers." "Well," said my father, "that's a start, at least" and then he chuckled roguishly and she hit him on the arm. I laughed and they both looked at me and went "Whoops!"

No other news. Except I bought biscuits and am now going to EAT ONE.

(Have played force of destiny again; ryan still cranky.)

LATER UPDATE: Have eaten whole packet of biscuits.

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