Saturday, August 18, 2007

Saturday Afternoon Fever

I haven't got it, but it isn't saturday night yet.
I went on another date with myself last night (maybe on the next one I'll put out!...that is so wrong). Went to a classy cocktail bar and drank classy cocktails and chatted with the classy barstaff and read my classy book. I felt classy. It was very nice but I spent money, which is a bit naughty. Speaking of, one of the people living in this house (and there are only Dad and I, and I doubt it was me) left a pack of gingernuts sitting about overnight and now they have gone SOFT and SOGGY. Blast. I realise that dipping them in my tes makes them soft and soggy anyway, but that's beside the point, isn't it.

Barb's Nephew Tim (he of the good looks, socks & sandals and clandestine Coro St. watching) has expressed interest in taking me out for a drink. Wheedled my number off Barb (bollocking Barb). I'm bored enough to go for a drink with him this week- and he is a nice person, I am just highly judgmental- so watch this space for news of the Romance of the Century! in Nelson.

News news news...I don't think I really have any. Andrea and I are discussing being stuck inside the head of a particularly pretenscscsious (is it an s or a c? i put several of each because i wasn't sure) acquaintance of ours, who shall remain nameless. We have decided that it would be like being trapped in a horribly amateurish attempt at a Surrealist painting, with wonky clocks, dripping with PRETENSION. Pretension looks like golden syrup and smells like burnt toast and is dripping from every surface inside the head of this person who shall remain nameless (not Hugo, he escapes in this post, but after a Think in the Grapes I have come to the conclusion that he is still the Antichrist- I am going to have to smite him! That is not a dirty euphemism. Andrea has dubbed me Thorog the Smiter. For who else could smite Garuface, Prince of Darkness? Nunchicat, Bringer of Light! ("Got a lighter?" "what kind of a question is that, I'm only the Bringer of Light aren't I?" "sorry, Nunchicat...I forgot again." "Hmph.")) I closed that bracket there because I forgot to do it earlier and there didn't really seem to be anywhere else in my ramble to close it. Have also corrected the spelling of acquaintance, so that Andrea will continue to be my friend.

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