Saturday, September 22, 2007

Triumphant Return

Lo, I have arisen from the depths of isolation and re-entered the blogosphere!
As a comet from the stars, so do I too burn (with creative fervor, not excessive friction or whatever it is that makes comets burn.)

I am at Ye Olde Internette Cafe (no, it's not actually called that, but yes, it would be nice if it was, and no, I am not going to start one, although I do have a plan for a bar, Yum Cha style, where waitresses wander about with jugs of margarita saying "You want one of these?")

I am now tempting (and temping, which is what I originally meant to type, but tempting is also accurate) as a receptionist. Maybe they will hire me full time! This would be v exciting. Sort of.

Having a proper nine to five (well,830 to 530) job is strange. I get up early andf walk to work with ten kabillion other people, most of whom look like they would rather be buggered with a cactus than go to their office. Luckily I have not yet got to that point (or, in fact, ever been asked to choose between the two.)
Then I have A Lunch Break and sometimes me and a girl from the office Do Lunch (although this is a pain as it means I don't get to read the paper) and then on a Friday after work we have Drinks, and then I leave work and wish Claire was here, because it would be nice to go and have a post-work beer with somebody!

In other news, I have joined a big band with the ubiquitous Ryan. This is entertaining and they let me sing! Although I suspect they regretted this. At least it's not Bloody Brass Band, which I really SHOULD go to tomorrow (chances are I'll go to work-related quiz night instead, and do that thing I do so well where I convince everyone at the table that I am RIGHT and they are WRONG when it's actually the other way around.)

I have no other news to speak of (at least none I can post. Deflowering virgins, etc.)...I will try and update el bloggo more often, though.

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