Monday, July 14, 2008

Internet At My House!

Living with my sister is great - I go to work, and when I get home she says, "oh, I got the phone connected today, and the Internet all set up on your laptop." Is great!
(flipside: txts such as "have borrowed velvet jacket, drunk all beer - sorry.")

New flat - just me and her. Bottom level of a nice old house (all high ceilings and big rooms, which means it's a bitch to heat but apart from that nothing wrong with it! Except that front door sticks a bit and shower doesn't get overly hot because hot water tank is lower than shower rose or some equally complex, plumbing-related reason: if you take the rose thing off its little hook and hold it below your knees it's nice and hot, but the top 3/4 of your body get a lukewarm shower at best), very close to the ZOO and only 35-40 minutes' walk to work, which is good. I did originally intend to get up super-early and walk to work every morning - nice as it clears my head and means I'm awake and mentally organised when I get there, as opposed to when I lived in Aro and always ran out of the house ten minutes before I needed to be at work - but I seem to have fallen into a pattern of walking for about 20 minutes then thinking 'I am sick of walking now and I am going to get the bus.'

In other news, have taken sick day - went home about lunchtime as thought might vomit. Did not want to vomit (and have not, in fact, done so), and it is a lot nicer being on the couch feeling vaguely ill and exploring potential of flaternet than it was sitting at work and taking phone calls and feeling heinously ill. Often suspect am secretly allergic to work.

Other exciting news? Band contest just recently over but am a bit sick of talking about this. Had date last week with friend of a friend who also lives near the ZOO (this was what started conversation) and has same favourite dinosaur as I do. As me? Grammar aside, we have the same favourite dinosaur (Triceratops, in case anyone's interested) but not sure if this is solid basis for relationship. Have had two dates and may very well have another one - after which I shall pick his entire character apart, list reasons we would never work to anyone who will listen, and talk myself out of entire thing. Watch this space!

No other news, really, except that flat internet means blogging likely to become more frequent. Yay!


a cat of impossible colour said...

I had a conversation with a friend the other day in which she told me that an interest in dinosaurs was one of the top things on her list for Perfect Man.

Amadeus said...

Perhaps I should introduce her to ZooBoy.