Sunday, August 03, 2008


I had a rehearsal tonight and now I don't. How cool is that? (Moderately cool.) Cool because I can stay at home in front of the heater and the TV, and not worry about putting on makeup and finding something clean to wear and Venturing Out Into The World (although I may have to go to the supermarket and/or the DVD store (ooh, yes, the DVD store), but as I know no-one in this area (besides StupidZooBoy, who doesn't count because he's stupid anyway, and Band Neighbour (is neighbour who is also in band, which would be rehearsing tonight but now isn't and who I probably won't see anyway (although I do tend to run into him a lot, our supermarket & dairy clocks seem to be set on the same schedule (these brackets are WAAAAY out of control)), and if I do see him it doesn't really matter as he has seen me without makeup before (at nationals early in the morning, before the insinuations start)) it doesn't really matter that I won't have any makeup on and will be in grotty old hoodie with soup stain down the front), which is always nice on a Sunday.

I bet the inventor of brackets is a) dead (that's not the point I was going to make, it just occurred to me) or b) very proud of me right now or c) spinning in his grave in indignation over how his creation, probably designed to streamline the English language, has been so cruelly abused. Sorry, Mr Bracket (yep, they were named after him. I always feel a bit sorry for the people who invented things, like Mr Table and Mr Pot and Mr Flange (architectural usage)).

Obviously I have spent too much time in my own company this weekend - which is actually quite a stupid phrase - a redundant phrase, if we're being grown-ups - because all the time you spend is in your own company. Obviously I have spent too much time with no-one but myself for company. Like, all day.

Although flatmate is in the kitchen, making a sausage and mushroom casserole - she came in and said briskly, "Right! I am going to make a sausage and mushroom casserole for dinner, you interested?" "I am," I said thoughtfully, "just trying to think if I have anything to contribute," I said as I thought about it, thoughtfully. "You," she said, "have the sausages." Oh.

They are those Cheese Sizzler ones though - am not sure if they're perfect for casserole as a) are precooked and b) are probably not really made of meat and, c)'ly and most worryingly, are cheese flavoured (so when you heat them and cut into them molten cheese sauce squirts everywhere - mmm mmm. In my defence, I only got cheese flavour because they were out of double cheese flavour (in which there is not only squirty cheese, but the meat (ish) part also tastes like cheese - mmm mmm))!

Update on casserole to follow, when have eaten it. Will pretend am restaurant reviewer. "Lacking in ambience," I shall say (top 100 80s anthems on in background, sunday paper dissected on the floor) "but excellent decor, especially in the bathrooms."

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a cat of impossible colour said...

I like the A A Milne flavour to this post. Although am dubious about cheesy sausage casserole.