Monday, August 11, 2008

Just another manic Monday

I've always hated that song. The lyrics are a masterpiece of banality. Now I've got it stuck in my head and I can't even complain because it is entirely my own fault. Anyway -

Three Beautiful Things
Aside: Don't ever try to underline anything in blogger. RANDOM TXT EVERYWHERE ACK

1. My trumpet students came for their lesson tonight (two sisters, aged 6 and 9 - they're really sweet but both totally crap (nothing to do with my teaching, they're absolute beginners. no, really)) & when they left they quite shyly gave me chocolates! Apparently I am not demon teacher from hell after all. (Or perhaps I am, and they are terror chocolates. Hmmm.)

Aside: just had following conversation on Facebook. Me: "I am in Grease." (The musical.) Other Person: "Wow, whereabouts? I've always wanted to go to Athens." They were kidding...but for a second there, I worried.

2. At work today, colleague was bitching about lack of plants in our office (he wanted to neutralise his carbon footprint and empty out his stale water bottle at the same time). When he came back to his desk (from watering a plant in Operations) I was on a call, but I wrote him a note on a Post-It saying "Let's get a plant." He nodded. I wrote another note saying, "What sort of plant?" He flung back a post-it with "a big fuck-off one" written neatly across the back and we both got the giggles whilst trying to explain credit card processing to our respective customers.

3. Sister Flatmate (sounds like a badly named nun) has bought beers, and I am drinking one of them. I know this doesn't sound like a lot, but sometimes a beer can be a beautiful thing.

And now for a list!

Things To Buy On Payday

- Sneakers as have been walking to work in shitty old ones and am sick of them
- Plant for water bottle emptying/carbon footprint neutralising purposes - not sure what sort. Colleague One wants a ponga tree but they are fucking massive; Colleague Two wants a yucca but they aren't lush enough for my liking. I would quite like a zebra plant like the one I have here, which lives on top of the fridge
- Groceries because there is no food in the house - grocery list is only partially complete, but that's ok 'cause I'll go after work on Wednesday and writing list will give me something to do from 4.30-5 instead of working
- Ummm...really that's about all. Also need to get petrol money for the girl who's driving me to all the rehearsals for the show, and pay the power bill, but they aren't really Things To Buy.

I shall think of more later - right now I shall watch crappy TV and have another beer.

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