Thursday, October 16, 2008


Huge, it was! Twice the length and girth of a normal banana! I am not making this up. I was walking past a grocer's on my way home from work and there it was, a yellow behemoth nestled incongruously between two apples by some mischievous passerby. Just past that was a WHOLE BOX OF ENORMOUS BANANAS. On the excitement stakes, this ranked somewhere between animals escaping from the zoo and my lunchtime bagel, highlight of my workday. I almost bought one, but then I remembered that I don't like bananas. Still, I was tempted by the MAMMOTH BANANA.

My lunchtime bagel was excellent today by the way - the only flaw was that I got over-excited and had it at 11am, and then was hungry again by fourish. I have just eaten six pieces of toast (six!) and had a cup-a-soup. I mean, a cup of soup. Damn you, Maggi, for dumbing me down! (We're currently ignoring the fact that I got really excited about seeing a large banana.)

Did anything else exciting happen today? The power bill arrived, but it turns out that enormous power bills are much less exciting than enormous bananas.

I am tempted to have another cup-a-soup, (cupacupacupacupacupacupa SOUP!) but then I will eat a whole loaf of bread, and then there will be an ENORMOUS ME.

Do you know what looks awesome? The Lego Batman game, that's what.

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