Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Boredom Reigns

Things I Am Bored With

· Novel – or I was until last night, when I scrapped my existing 11k and started over. I tried to do too much and be too clever and it did not work. I thought that by throwing random ingredients together I would be creating a delicious literary casserole, but actually I was creating a large and stinky literary compost heap.

· Job. This is not news, but I feel the need to mention it from time to time to remind everyone that I am destined for better things. I’m trying to decide whether or not I should find a new job before quitting this one. I am also bored with choosing between security and enjoyment.

· Flat – I have a very limited attention span when it comes to living conditions. I’m still enjoying flatting with Sister Flatmate, but the actual house itself I am sick of. Unfortunately, it is where I live.

· Blog – it has never been overly exciting, but it is particularly unexciting of late. Possibly reflecting generally unexciting life.

· Suspect I am just bored with life in general. Who can blame me? It can be a fairly boring thing.

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