Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Arctic Angels > A1

I've spent all day with Caught in the Middle stuck in my head. The A1 version. Don't get on youtube and look it up, you'll be sorry, even though it's described as 'A1's classic song...'

Remember A1? They were a boy band, back when that kind of thing was cool. They wore white a lot. I liked the earnest-looking one with the undercut (I always liked the earnest-looking one with the undercut) who sung all the high parts (am I actually a gay man?). They did a tacktastic cover of Take On Me. Go on, go and watch it. You won't regret it. They may be kidding, but I suspect they're not.

There was a brief period of respite about lunchtime when Caught in the Middle was replaced by Keane's A Bad Dream (quite good compared to A1 really, go and look it up if you like feeling horribly depressed), but then in the afternoon A1 made a comeback! In stark contrast to their actual musical career.

While both of the above are going on my list of Worst Songs to have Stuck in your Head, neither has managed to beat my personal choice for Worst Song to have Stuck in your Head (Ever), Hole in the Ground.

Oh, you don't know Hole in the Ground? Here it is, go and have a look. You won't regret it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGk4AKOwJbc

Obviously I haven't done very much today. I went to 'Memories Coffee & Quilt' (it's a cafe that also sells quilting supplies, what did you think?) with a friend this morning and very nearly bought the bits and pieces to make a little handbag out of fabric, but then I remembered what happens when I start projects. I throw myself into the project with full enthusiasm, for a whole afternoon. Then I stuff the half-finished project under a bed. Then, six months later, I throw it out. So there will be no bag project.

To make up for this hugely pointless post, here is a picture of Arctic Angels. Besides being the name of Alaska's leading female dance troupe, Arctic Angels are tiny sea creatures that live under the Arctic ice. Aren't they cute? Like pimped out Sea Monkeys.

Aww. Nay'cha.

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