Sunday, January 11, 2009

Find Someone (Mental)

Good God. What do people do in Christchurch? I'll tell you. They browse online dating sites. Because they are just that bored. It's like browsing TradeMe, but more interesting.

Favourites so far -

The guy whose profile just says 'I'm a fun, caring person and full of existence in the physical world (life).' Presumably this is opposed to 'I'm a fun, caring person but unfortunately I exist solely on a metaphysical plane, which has made it hard to find the right woman.'

Chris. Chris' favourite food is 'onion dip made with Maggi soup.' Chris is doing a science degree, and says he's 'pretty up to date and knowledgeable about most things.' Chris has a job unloading and stacking boxes. Chris sounds like he still lives with his mother but this information has not been volunteered.

Dave, who is into motorcycling, believes that 'cars are for faggots,' and wants a girl who can fit on the back of a sports bike and will wear sexy clothing at race meets. (It actually says that.) However, he is currently reading David Copperfield.

Why would you make your Findsomeone profile nickname hopelessinbed? Some kind of weird reverse psychology? Pervert.
And what about MakoMan? Is it a horrible mis-spelling? Or is he just really into fish?
As for MrLoverLover and MrBig - oh whatever.
Just plain puzzling is Brad0000, who confesses that 'My name's actually James, not Brad, I just made that up.'

I'm being mean. I'm sure these guys are lovely. (Apart from Dave and MrLoverLover.) But I see why people think online daters are a bit weird. BECAUSE THEY BLOODY ARE. Not unlike Trademe at all - you see lots of things and go, "God, someone actually thinks they're going to sell that?"

Same thing.

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