Sunday, January 25, 2009

In Which I Party

I should probably advise you, dear readers, that this is a Blunk (drunk blog) and may therefore make even less sense than normal. Just be glad I'm spelling things right.

Christchurch is looking up! I went out with a couple of old friends and made about ten million billion (read: four) new ones. I went out for a lunchtime drink with my impossibly coloured friend, who told me many hilarious stories, none of which I can recount here because they'd embarrass her and she actually reads this sometimes, but it put me in the mood for Goin' Out. I got home, and my mother and sister (both of whom I love dearly) were sitting on the couch watching something crappy and looking bored.

Mum: "Oh, (your aunt) has invited us round for a BBQ!" (Note: this happens bi-weekly at the least.) "Do you want to come?"
Kate (sister): "We could go and get (insert name of crappy DVD here)."
Me: "I'm going to get dressed up and Go Out!"

So I did. I went for a casual beer and then I went to a party because I wasn't ready to go home yet, and I met many (ok, four) interesting people. It was My First Night Out Since Wellington (God, sounds like something of First Date Post-Divorce magnitude) and it was good! People liked my hair and people liked my cardigan and I was a happy puppy.

Hopefully this good night is but the first of many.

Ooh. Drunk. Going to go to sleep now.

PS: Did you know that if you Google 'enormous banana,' my blog is the first site to pop up? I think this is the crowning achievement of my life so far.

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