Monday, February 09, 2009

Not About Penguins*

* but still not very interesting

Today has been an easy day to graph:

For more on the penguins, read below post. I'm temporarily penguined out.

What news? I have started jogging (yeah, I know, it fucking sucks) and playing tennis (which I actually enjoy). I have been doing these activities for, like, 5 days now, and yet somehow I am not noticeably trimmer and more toned! I feel ripped off. I just want to be ripped! In the abs department! But not really.

Uh...I don't think I have any news, except that I have a mutual favourite on FindSomeoneMental! Basically how it works is if you think someone is cute, you save them as a 'favourite,' on your little list, kind of like Bookmarks. If they also save you to their Favourites, then FindSomeoneMental sends you both an email saying "ooh ooh look at this!"

Sadly because neither of us are Gold Members (tee hee, Goldmember), neither of us can send the first message, so all we can do is Favourite each other longingly. (You have to pay to be a Gold Member (tee hee), and then you can message people and they may or may not message you back.)

Star-crossed lovers indeed.

If anyone would like to sponsor me to become a Gold Member (tee hee) then do let me know! Your credit card details. I promise to, in return, keep you updated on my hilarious FindSomeone antics, and allow you bragging rights on the (very slim) chance that I meet the Love of my Life.

C'mon. You know it'd be funny.

In other news, I am now the proud owner of one o'them 20-sided dice that people who play Dungeons and Dragons have! I found it in the road. Presumably someone threw it out their window in a fit of rage after failing to roll a natural 20, whatever that is, and losing their best character to an Orc or I am so tired and rambling and going to bed now. Read on for a freakin' awesome story about penguins.

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Kelly said...

Wow! Graphs and a D20. Geek heaven.