Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ode to a Garage

I am painting the garage. Not right now, obviously, but this week. I have to date received no fewer than 10 notes in the mailbox from amateur painters, inspired by my art; well-meaning passersby offering encouragement; and neighbours who like the new colour better than the old one.

That was a lie. No-one cares that I am painting the garage.

So far I have done the first coat, and suddenly I find I have lost motivation. If anyone would like to come and help, you're more than welcome. It's great fun! No, really! Sometimes it even gets exciting! Like when you're on the fourth rung up of a ladder, trying to paint the overhanging roof bit, and you suddenly find a spider with your face.

The garage was green and will eventually be gray. At the moment, it is sort of grey, with bits of green showing through in places where I was not particularly picky about the paint thickness.

I hate the garage. I don't even have a car.

In other news, my high score in Bubble has reached the dizzying height of 472,300. That's right. Four hundred and seventy-two thousand, three hundred points. Imagine how long that would have taken! Almost as long as painting a garage!

I am using a lot of !'s today. I don't know why, nothing very exciting has happened. Better post later, possibly, after Spanish lesson...


Kelly said...

It's my acutal, real birthday today. Any chance of the story of TLDOML? (or should that be TLDOYL?)

IT IS ALLY said...

Your actual, real birthday? I guess you could have the story.


Kelly said...

Thank you! :D