Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Quick laptop status update...

It is still broken.

Quick post as this is not my 'puter, but this is the 250th post on this blog - Internet, I am so sorry - and I thought I should say something.

Sadly, all I can think of to say is 'aren't we lucky we have the Internet, this would have been such a waste of trees.'

Proper posts should resume soon. Plant an e-forest.


Holly said...

Oh dear! Do you miss your laptop? I would! :(

Mum thought hers was going to expire today, since it was going REALLY slowly and making strange noises, but it transpired that it was just a system upgrade. *bangs head on wall*

Hmm, an e-forest...? I...am not quite sure how to wrap my brain around that concept!

Baglady said...

Much sympathy. Am in similar laptop situation at the mo and it is crippling. Plus I wrote a really witty comment with an ORSUM verification definition and my connection failed and I lost it all. Pah.

atimenab - when your computer crashes and steals the witty post you had written

a cat of impossible colour said...

:( Sadness.

Word verification = hiceacar! Is name of rental company that can't spell.

IT IS ALLY said...

I had a dream last night that I left the laptop and cord on a train with my dog, and that the dog would not get off the train without the laptop, and so I found them together. Then I had to teach the recorder to a bunch of Chinese kids.

It will be fixed soon. I hope I hope I hope.

Holly said...

Was the dog any good at the recorder?

Vinnit said...

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