Thursday, July 30, 2009

Not My Birthday :(

Hi everyone! Thank you all for birthday wishes, etc. I await your socks.

I had a five-year-old style birthday - Kate and I went for lunch at Denny's and ate far too much, then went to the movies and TimeZone (which is an amusement arcade). Then we all went out for dinner, and had cake. It was a hilarious day, although no getting drunk or laid was entered into (sorry, Joff - I have disappointed you.)

Memorable gifts include

- a hot water bottle with knitted cover and pom-poms (I am easily pleased) from Mother
- a lot of clothing from Kate - she bought me an outfit, dressed me in it, then stood back and said "You look trendy!" with no little satisfaction. I did indeed look trendy. "I don't like it," I said suspiciously. "Don't be silly," she said, and ushered me out the door. I am not used to this Weird Trendy Me but don't worry, I promise I haven't turned into a hipster.
- Money from Sainted Father - I know this is not a very creative present but it is useful
- Little notebook from Holly, which was an excellently chosen present - it's the size of a cardholder, and the covers are metal. It's held closed by the pen, and springs open to reveal a flip pad - it is scarlet, and fits in my smallest of handbags. Thank you, Holly!
- 'Rockstar' soap from Lush, gifted by my cousins - this is one of my favourite soaps. It smells like candy. (My other favourite soaps, in case you're interested, are a cinnamon-scented rough soap ('Spice Curls') and a very citrussy lemon one ('Bohemian', although I don't know why they called it that as in my experience the self-styled Bohemian usually smells of something rather more earthy))
- repeated offer of fuck-buddy status from "John," although in a rather Darcy-esque way ("I don't know why I'm suggesting this," he said, making a moue, "you will make it all complicated, that's what you do.")

So today I am off to town to investigate a new laptop (my old one is officially fucked - something to do with the motherboard being officially fucked, but they can get the data off it and yada yada). This is not how I wanted to spend my tax refund but there will totally be enough left over for the poker night of my dreams. Please RSVP in the comments section - it will be at some point in the next month or so and maybe if I could use your house you could let me know?

Also on the menu today - trimming the matted hair from around the dog's face.


Josh said...

Poker Night sounds great - you can use our house if you like!

Kaileigh said...

Sounds like a great birthday! :)

Holly said...

You're welcome, glad you think the tiny notebook will be handy. :)

What does the Trendy Outfit consist of? I am very curious.

IT IS ALLY said...

Josh - yay! Let me know when suits and we can Organise!

Kaileigh - yes! it was great :)

Holly - grey footless tights, little black boots, short black skirt, long-sleeved, loose grey knitted top and OMG necklace. Will wear it to pub quiz sometime, I look totally unlike me

Holly said...

Hmm, that does sound unlike you! Now I am even more curious!