Sunday, September 27, 2009


I went out for Thai and to play pool with a workmate last night, hence the rather abrupt blog post - I have been a bit of a bad blogger recently. I hope that you will forgive me and not abandon my blog in disgust. I won the pool, and Thai was really nice except I ordered prawns (this is not unusual) and had to peel them at table (this was a first). Workmate was slightly shocked by the fact that prawns arrived still in their little pink exoskeletons (prawns wear cartilage onesies (is Cartilage Onesie a good band name?)) then was even more shocked by the practiced way in which I cracked them open and ate the meaty insides. I stopped short of picking up the heads and sucking the juice out of them, because I do try to maintain a slight veneer of civilization. Has anyone ever sucked the juice out of prawn heads? Is it delicious?

I am at the library and there is a man on the computer opposite me who is picking his nose with a zealous fervor, like he truly expects to find something valuable in there. Like he accidentally snorted a diamond at lunch and is now desperately trying to get it back. I'm annoyed, but also fascinated - he has been doing this since I sat down 20 minutes ago.

It's been a busy week - I keep going out for dinner, so I guess a self-indulgent week would be a better description. On Thursday night I went to a Japanese restaurant, treated myself to some hot sake, and wrote a 4-page letter to my friend in Wellington. The letter smells like prawns and the handwriting gets steadily worse as it goes along. Then I ran into some hipsters at a sake bar, to which I had retired to finish my letter. They wanted to be friends and they were all "DO YOU LIKE MUSIC? WE LIKE MUSIC!" and got excited about a band that my friend Zach is in, and I name-dropped SO HARD and they were all "OH MAN OH MAN YOU KNOW ZACH" and I felt pretty cool. (Thanks, Zach. In return for totally abusing your fame I told them you were taller in real life, I hope that is cool.)

SO THAT'S WHERE I'VE BEEN. But now I'm tired of socialising and am going to return to my evenings of NetHack and blogging. I am sure you will all be pleased to hear this.


aleph_naught said...

If I'm a hipster, I'm the most un-hip hipster that ever did hip.

Otherwise, a decidedly true and accurate account.

Riadan said...

So a hipster walks into a bar. Says, "This place fucking sucks, it's full of hipsters."

And yes, ingesting the head innards of a prawn is delicious, but undignified.