Tuesday, October 06, 2009


*noise of expanding puffer fish

Kate and her friend, Sam, just walked in and performed a small play for me. They each hid behind a side of the doorframe, and then stuck pegs out into the doorwar.

Yellow Peg, played by Kate: "Hello, Red."
Red Peg, played by Sam: "Hello, Yellow."
YP: "What'cha been doing?"
RP: "Just hangin' out."
YP: "Was it fun?"
RP: "No, it was pants."

And then they dissolved into helpless laughter and left.

In other news: baby puffer fish.

It's cute, but it's also weird. I don't really need one. Where would I put it?


sas said...

it goes on the end of your pencil

aleph_naught said...

I'm not sure that it's the appropriate texture, but for some reason I'm imagining using it as some kind of exfoliating scrubbing device in the shower.

otherworldlyone said...

Well, I guess I can understand the giggling. Strange saying...it was pants.

I'd tie a string around it and hang it from a ceiling fan. Round and round. Good stuff.

Kaileigh said...

Float him in the tub during a bath?

Antenna ball?

New necklace charm? (though this will require some string or fishing line too)


Kaileigh said...

Oh! Or here people like to hang a ball from the ceiling in our garages, so we know when our car is pulled in far enough when it touches the car's windshield.

I think the puffer fish would be much more welcoming than a tennis ball, personally.

a cat of impossible colour said...

Your door is having a war??

Madame DeFarge said...

Play table tennis with it.

IT IS ALLY said...

sas - best suggestion!

aleph - too slimy, eww.

ow1 - it would totally flick up into the fan and BAM! slimy.

Kaileigh - Float him in the bathtub! Awesome idea.

MdF - or badminton.