Friday, October 30, 2009


So today at work we dressed up for Halloween, even though NZ really doesn't do Halloween. These guys were totally OK with having their faces not blurred, by the way - they are two of my colleagues, Tamara (pirate) and Sheila (witch). Sheila pronounces 'birth,' "BURT." Tamara burps a lot. They're good colleagues.
Do you like how dead I look? I was a Zombie Princess. As I write this, I am still a Zombie Princess, albeit a rather unproductive one. Why do they pay me? I don't know. Maybe it's because I'm good looking. Maybe it's because they are afraid that if they don't I'll turn them into zombies. Hey you know what? I am legit. I bit someone this morning. (The pirate. I bit the pirate. She loved it.)
Also: why on earth do people email and, even worse, fax their credit card details to us? They're just begging to be ripped off. The naivety of people astounds me. Seriously. Please, guys, listen to me. I used to work for a bank. I dealt with credit card fraud sometimes. I know these things. Here is the basic rule of Not Getting Ripped Off: unless you are a huge fucking retard, don't email or fax your credit card details to people. Or not only will you lose all your money, you will lose all your money and no-one will have an ounce of sympathy. They will just shrug and refuse to lend you rent.

Hey do you guys know what is pretty fucking cool? After a tweet by Andrea, my blog was linked to by Greer and Rachel a couple of days ago. Surely it is now only a matter of time until I become rich and famous, especially rich, and then I will be able to pay someone to fuck around for hours remembering how to make hyperlinks. So thank you to them, and especially to Andrea.

In other news, Zach did an interview here. It's pretty funny; especially good if you like hip kids making smart remarks.


Joff said...

It makes me sad that you didn't post a photo of you biting the pirate :(

Charlie said...

I can't believe your work dressed up for halloween, it is soo incredibly awesome. Plus your costume is freaking amazing because I have been telling everyone to dress up as zombie everything this week.

Kaileigh said...

Love the costumes! :)

otherworldlyone said...

I didn't put makeup on today. That's the extent of my dressing up for work. Scares um' every time.

Love your costume.

mysterg said...

You are one hot zombie! I would totally let you bite me.

Holly said...

I am now extremely sad that I was not allowed to dress up for Halloween at work. Boo.