Saturday, October 24, 2009


To those who commented on yesterday's post: OK, so there appears to have been a little bit of confusion. Just to clear it up, I am still cool. I am totally cool enough that I can be in a brass band and still be cool. Also, Holly, I'm not sure you understand this, but brass banding is a very serious business and not even slightly funny. What? No-one understands me.

To those who like to hear about nudists: I'm totally not working on Monday! So I can go to the Nudist Outing. Will probably not go naked but who knows - perhaps I will see the bouncy castle, become swept up in the moment, and spend the afternoon bouncing up and down in the nuddy, communing with nature. In which case I must remember to wear nice jewellery so that I'm nude but not, well, naked. Do naturists wear jewellery? What about makeup? What about shoes? Hopefully sunblock is not against the naturist creed. Do naturists have a creed? All these questions and more (leave some if you have 'em) will be answered on Monday. Don't worry, I will probably not become a nudist.

To those who care for my fitness levels: I went for a lovely scenic walk today - it took 2 hours. Am not going to go on any more walks. Nice scenery does not make up for being hot and bored and sober and on a hill. Usually one of those things is enough to make me sigh and open up another game of NetHack. But you can't play NetHack when you're Going for a Walk (it is something to do with exercise). I'm not a huge fan of Nature Walks in general. I don't mind walking, I just prefer Walking with a Purpose (i.e. going Somewhere) to Aimlessly Wandering Across the Landscape. (Somewhere means 'somewhere there is food and coffee', not just a waterfall or a lookout point or something else natural.)

To those who care for my wellbeing: I now have health insurance. I can buy glasses for FREE. (I bet you didn't even know I needed glasses, did you? Well, I do. To drive, anyway, as I lack depth perception. You know how, when you look at things, you can tell how far away they are by how much they stand out from each other? Yeah, I don't have that. I just guess.)

To those who send me text messages: I have a phone again now. The number is the same.


Holly said...

Clearly you missed me deperate attempt to treat your Brass Banding with the seriousness it deserves and NOT laugh. Even slightly. :P

I wish I could think of some humorous joke about nudists and brass bands, but alas, I am not clever enough. Boo.

a cat of impossible colour said...

Boing boing

Tennyson ee Hemingway said...

Perhaps you could take your cornet to the nudist outing and do some nude brass banding. Now that would be cool.

Holly said...

I have had a thought. If you became a nudist, what on earth would you do with your beloved onesie!? :O

katherine said...

I've warned you about that band thing!!!!!!!!