Sunday, November 29, 2009

Clarification / Church Concerts

A few people have asked that I please not hate on True Blood - niggaz whoops can't say that guys I not be hatin' on True Blood, I'm hatin' on people who spend all day dribbling insipidly on about True Blood. It is like, um, God! I have nothing against Him (Her/It/Them/You) but when people go on about it it gets annoying. Same thing. Except, you know, a TV show about vampires.

Once I helped a nun who was lost in the bad part of town and now I figure I can be as offensive as I like 'cause that's more or less a free pass into Heaven.*

Band concert = done, with no major issues except that Kurt/Lurt/Thurp who sits next to me (is actually Kurt, I think, but Thurp is a better name so I'm going to call him that) didn't bring his mute and had to borrow mine. "Where the fuck is your mute?" I whispered. " the bandroom?" I swear, worse than the little boys. Next thing you know he will be thinking I am Santa, Purveyor of Mutes. Also, Owen pointed out that at one point when I split some note or other he totally saw me say 'fuck' which is really smashing considering the concert was in a church and you are really not supposed to say that.

(Speaking of inappropriate for churches, the principal cornet player of my old band was a sulky-assed kid virtuoso who accidentally yet consistently rocked up to church gigs wearing a white t-shirt with "KISS THE DEVIL" emblazoned across it. My personal favourite was the time he showed up halfway through an in-church dress rehearsal for a joint concert with the Salvation Army band wearing said t-shirt. He walked in, rehearsal stopped dead, someone said, "Danny," and then he looked down at his shirt and said, "Aw, fuck.")

Gotta go to bed as tomorrow heralds another exciting week at work! Aw fuck.

*this is true. actually this whole post is true but I thought you might not believe the bit about the nun cause it seems kind of out of character.


Owen said...

it truly was a highlight for me. that and working out a formula describing the proportional relationship between eyebrow height and note pitch.

otherworldlyone said...

I don't know this Danny, but I want to.