Friday, January 29, 2010

Circus Family!

I want one. I went to see a showcase as part of the Buskers Festival last night and this, along with the circus I attended a few weeks ago, strengthened my resolve to marry into a performing family. Sorry, non-acrobatic suitors, but I think I am developing an acrobat fetish. Is this bad? (No.)

Maybe I will be one of those mad people who chuck in their sensible corporate job and go off and do something bizarre (circus school) - I have a vision of myself wearing a sparkly leotard and swinging gaily from a trapeze while my exotic lover, who is the King of the Circus, balances on some kind of flaming hoop, and below my illegitimate but charming circus children play in the sawdust and practice their handstands.

Practice harder, children! You know the rule. No dinner for children who cannot do their handstands.

Sadly, it is far more likely that I am going to marry a brass band player (or, if you like, 'brass bandit') and have small brass band children. It's a thing brass band people do. Marry each other. Then have children. Who are in the band. I'm pretty sure that when I was in the Marlborough brass band about 8 years ago more than half the band was related by blood or marriage. Not kidding. Bandcest is a curse.

Sometimes I wish that when I had been 6 and requested tuba lessons, my mother had said, "The tuba is nice, dear, but have you considered...the circus?"

ps: hello, new followers! thank you! would you like to be in my circus?


chris.dadness said...

Did your mother consult The Right Instrument for Your Child by Atarah Ben-Tovim and Douglas Boyd?

"Many slightly overweight children who do not have a lot of spare energy are very happy on the tuba." Also: "Oboists tend not to mix well but have one or two close friends."

Lola Lakely said...

I think a better question should be, who wouldn't want to be in your circus???

Himself said...

I think you got the tuba idea from The Huge Enormous Elephant ... who performed in a Circus! You in your young and innocent mind just latched onto the wrong aspect of the story!
There is time to rectify this, go find that book!

Posie Patchwork said...

Well carnies scare me, clowns, circus freaks, not my bag baby. I'm not musical either, never fancied the brass section at the Symphony. Maybe that's why i ran off with a soldier, action man, more my type & we had action children. Um, right choice. Love Posie

Francine said...

Hello Ally! :) new follower here!

I'm definitely in for Magician's assistant hahaaa. Wearing tons of make-up, and a huge hair-doooo

Beth said...

I would love to be in your circus, and am hoping to be cast as "sparkly lady who rides the elephant around the ring".

I am LOVING your blog!

otherworldlyone said...

I'll sign on as a wild beast tamer.

Maybe ask MLS to grow out his beard, put on a nice dress, and pose as the bearded lady? Do they still have those in the circus?

Not Drowning Mother said...

"Brass Bandit"? Love it. It's like an arse bandit but in the brass section. Ha-ha-ha.

But you already know that because it's your joke.

ANYWAY, I've heard that french horn players are guaranteed work because nobody wants to play the french horn any more. Or the "cor anglais". Or even the "heckelphone". Which might be good for when you go to the circus and heckle the non-handstanding children.

Christine said...

Being in a circus sounds great! But I am a bit too clumsy for that. I was, however, IN A BRASS BAND! Well, sort of. I played the trumpet (and for a time, the euphonium! How many people know what THAT is!) in high school and we did brass band-ish things like being in parades (though we were NOT a "marching band") and playing in quartets or quintets around town for Christmas. I do kind of miss my trumpet-playing days. My brass bandit days, as I shall now refer to them!

Jenny said...

I would love to be in your circus, I'll do acrobatics. I also played in a brass band as a trumpet player, apparently we flock to one another.

IT IS ALLY said...

This is going to be a pretty kick-ass circus, everyone.

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