Monday, January 11, 2010

Super Monday!

I've got leave on Thursday and Friday so even though today is technically Monday it's actually Wednesday. This thought may be the only thing that gets me through the day. I need more coffee, my colleagues are annoying, I am TIRED. Don't give me any sympathy though, it is my own fault for sitting up late and playing nethack because I have a superstition that every time I have a mid-game break due to time constraints I die within 5 minutes of coming back because my head is no longer in the game and so I couldn't go to sleep until I'd died but in the end it was 1.45am and I thought "fuck it" and now I'm going to go home and restart it and die in the first 5 minutes and be Really Annoyed so it's pretty much my own fault.

In other news, I bought a little set of notebooks. Kate found them for me. "Look," she said, "they'll fit into your handbag, so you can write down those thoughts you know the ones. Things like, 'What if bees didn't have wings?' That's what I always imagine you're thinking when you suddenly write something down." She knows me so well. "Actually," I said, "today's one was 'What if people had rear vision mirrors on their heads?" but Kate was not interested in my Interesting Thought.

Off to make Amazing Drink now - Amazing Drink is an abominable concoction. It tastes revolting, but it fills you with energy, but it makes you feel sick, but it keeps you awake. It has 3 tsp coffee, 4 tsp hot chocolate powder/ Milo, 3tsp sugar, hot water and (if you're being brave) some milk which may or may not be off because you can't really trust the staff fridge.

Then I will come back and put together tomorrow's Weiner of the Week. Now is the time for suggestions.*

In other other news - this is actual news - I have a job interview on Wednesday! (Actual Wednesday, not "I'm really Monday" Wednesday.) It's for an internal position which is a bit of a jump up from what I'm doing now. Chances are low (I am not being modest, they are just low) but fingers are crossed! Hopefully huge spot on chin will have gone away by then, and been replaced by wealth of knowledge and relevant experience. Ha ha ha fuck.

*Now is also the time to remember that nominations for the Bloggies close tomorrow. Nothing to do with my blog really. Just sayin', if you were going to nominate anyone, now would be a good time.



Baglady said...

It's 8am (there. In your freaky time zone) and you're already annoyed? Wow. Better get your skanky sounding energy drink down you because its sounds like a long day is ahead. Even if it is Wednesday.

wv = nersc. What you ask for if you've hurt yourself and you've got a speech impediment.

IT IS ALLY said...

My skanky sounding energy drink is DELICIOUS. Your comment gave me the giggles.

hexenundschnecken said...

Hopefully this new job is in real journalism because it seems to me this would be ideal for you. Keeping my fingers crossed.

wv = subts. Erm, abb. for what you need to be during your interview? subtly tremendously splendid?

IT IS ALLY said...

I wish, wish wish that it was. But it's not - I don't have the right qualifications.

Is another advertising role, but much higher up the food chain. Thanks for the crossed fingers! I will be subts (although for a minute there I was going to be stubs)