Saturday, April 10, 2010

fuck holidays*

*this is kind of whiny and annoying (it's my blog, I can be as annoying as I want) so maybe if you can't be bothered with that you could watch some TV instead

This post was going to be a rant about the inherent shittiness of life but then I had a dinner composed entirely of meat & margaritas and now things don't seem quite as bad. Which more or less sums up how I deal with anything challenging:
"Oh my GOD this is so DIFFICULT what ever will I DO oh man pork ribs I freakin' love those hey is that tequila?"
and that is why I am incapable of dealing with anything like an adult (unless that is how adults deal with stuff?)

"Follow your dreams."

The margaritas give such good advice.

This has been a hugely frustrating week, mainly because I am on holiday and I am crap at it (also also because I can't read minds but this is an ongoing situation, not like, oh shit, I used to have telepathy and then I just woke up on Monday and it was gone (but imagine how crippling that would be! between that & the african children it's getting harder & harder to feel sorry for myself.))
"Your middle-class problems are important."

I hate holidays because if I'm not doing anything productive (as in tangible result productive, as in constant distractions productive) on a day-to-day basis I become antsy and fidgety and grumpy and maudlin and introspective and over-critical and insecure. Which is stupid.

And then I get insanely irritated by my own inactivity and general inadequateness and become unable to make a decision about what to have for breakfast without becoming a complete freakin' bunny boiler. "I don't want toast! I have never liked toast! Why would you even suggest that? You don't understand meeeee."

"Listen with your heart. Then you will understand."

And then in an attempt to counter all of this I spend my days constantly pestering everyone I know in the hopes that they will entertain me, and by 'entertain me' I mean 'tell me I am wonderful even though my biggest achievement today was eating three burritos and being polite to a supermarket cashier (not at the same time).' And then everyone becomes heartily sick of me which is super awesome.

I think basically the point of this post is that I felt like having a whinge in a public forum an acknowledgment to Real Life Friends that I've been weird to deal with this week - in a week, I will start my new job and become a normal person again. Thank you for your patience. Please still be my friends even though I am crazy - I am usually good for a $10 loan, and do not have any nasty diseases.

"You can leave your hat on."

p.s. if anyone reading this can also read minds flick me an email I have a side project you could maybe help with.


Baglady said...

Did you get my message? I sent it to you with the power of my mind.

wv- deouz. (verb) to lance boils. Eurch.

Baglady said...
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Tooting Squared said...

Food and alcohol?
Yup ... that's how I deal with all my problems.
Sounds like you've got it sussed!

VW - ersol. What a posh person calls an arsehole. "I say old chap! Wasn't he an ersol?"

chris.dadness said...

For some reason I really loathed Easter this year and couldn't wait to get back to work. So I've decided for Easter next year I am going to to go super-Catholic - even being mock crucified, at least its something to do, you know?

IT IS ALLY said...

Baglady - Yes! Thank you for your assistance. In fact, I'm not sure why I'm even writing this down. I think it's so everyone else can be impressed.

Tooting - ahahahaha! ersol made my day. "Bit of a cad, wasn't he?" "What what. Ersol."

chris - yes! I don't even have any religious holidays to fill in the time. I wonder if you can hold a crucifixion any old time?

otherworldlyone said...

Ha, tequila and meat sounds like adult problem solving to me.