Sunday, August 15, 2010


Today I went to the movies and saw a documentary on turtles!
Guess what this post is going to be about.

Good guess.

The movie was called TURTLE: The Incredible Journey, although a better title would have been TURTLE: The Mildly Interesting Journey, If You Like That Kind Of Thing.

The cinematography was excellent and the script was awful, especially as they made a point of following one turtle all the way from birth to first laying of eggs and talking about said turtle in a very humanising way so that audience became emotionally invested in said turtle. Then they pointed out that only one in 10,000 turtles makes it to the egg-laying stage... isn't it lucky that the one they chose to film ended up being the one that made it? Although, I guess it would break up the action events if the narrator was constantly saying, "...and then that turtle was eaten by a shark, so here is our new turtle." Pause. "...and then that turtle was caught by a fishing boat, so here is our new turtle."

I was going to throw in some interesting Turtle Facts, about how the turtle journeys from where it was born right across the world* and back again but then it turned out that actually the facts were not particularly interesting. So let's just have a couple of turtle photos and call it a night.

*maybe? my geography is not so great. it goes for bloody ages, though

Turtle photo for the ladies:

Aww. Cute.

Turtle photo for the gentlemen:

It was naive of me to think that Googling "turtle boobs" would be fruitless.


Matt79 said...

I've just started reading your blog but I laughed at all four most recent posts so I think I'll stick around!

bluzdude said...

Gee, what are the odds that they decided to follow the one turtle that didn't become shark food or turtle soup?

I can' just see it... "Turtle... Take 57. As the turtle hatches and crawls towards the sea, you can see... SHIT!

Turtle... Take 58."

a cat of impossible colour said...

The word 'turtle' has now lost all meaning for me.

Bet you the original turtle did die and that what they say is one turtle is actually twenty different turtles spliced together.

slommler said...

Ha! "turtle boobs" Now I have heard everything! And a photo to confirm it!
I am sure they used stunt turtles in the making of this film.

IT IS ALLY said...

Matt - Thank you! And welcome.

Bluzdue - Hahahaha. And 2 million baby turtles start out, and only 1 million make it to the water. "Turtle... Take 1,596."

Andrea - TURTLE SPLICE would be a good band name

SueAnn - Hahahaha! Stunt turtles is an awesome idea. Also, they should have had a thing at the end. "Approximately 678 turtles were harmed in the making of this film. Not by us."

otherworldlyone said...

Yes, yes that's all very well, but how did the date go? Did you ever find your pants?