Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Best Bum Of 2010

Hi everyone!

I'm thinking of having a bum competition. It's exactly how it sounds. (Juvenile.)

I'd appreciate some feedback on this essentially stupid but nonetheless entertaining idea.

It arose from a conversation that went like this:

Friend: I took naked photos today!
I realised I had no idea what my bum looked like
10:14 AM me: AHAHAHAHA
10:15 AM that is awesome
because you wanted to see what it looked like?
Friend: yes!
10:16 AM from the back
I didn't know
so I set the camera on the timer and took bum photos
me: that is hilarious
and also something I am going to do later
Friend: it is fun to see your bum from the back! i recommend it
is also good because it's not as big as I thought
me: hahahaha
Friend: was always suspicious about what could be lurking back there
me: a pleasant surprise
yes! am totally going to do that
10:17 AM (like mugshots)
(but of your bum)
Friend: well, you are a Butt Tourist
me: perhaps I will encourage people to email me bumshots
and I will run in-blog competition
Friend: hahaha
me: people can vote for their favourite bum
and the winner gets a prize!
Friend: I can send you my bum shot if you like
me: yay!
wait, is that weird?
I wonder if I would get any entries?
Friend: nah, bums are funny
10:18 AM you would probably get some highly dodgy ones
me: I probably would
bums ARE funny!
it would definitely be a new event
and if there were only two bums
(yours and mine)
then one of us would get a prize!!
this is the best idea I've had all week
10:19 AM Friend: hehehe

me: right, will hold BUMCOMP 2010!

And that is how it happened. The idea is that people send me their bums. And I post them anonymously. And then you vote for your favourite bottom. Not necessarily the most toned, or the best looking - perhaps the one that has the most character? You vote for the bottom that speaks to you.

And the winner of the Champion Bum gets a prize.

The more I talk about this the worse the idea becomes. But I Tweeted about it and have, like, five bums already.

In hindsight* I should probably not have Tweeted about it.

But would you enter? Would you enter my bum contest? It is all very tongue in cheek* and, I can assure you, anonymous.

I know it's a shockingly bad idea, but something about it appeals. As Friend up there says, bums are funny.

*thank you, Elliot, for this pun
*thank you, Pete, for this pun


Anonymous said...

My bum is in. Totally. AND IT WILL WIN.

PurpleLily said...

Hehe bums ARE funny. What's the prize?

WV: exesiol

a cat of impossible colour said...

The prize should be anti-chafing cream. Or diapers.

Word verification: minging. I don't even want to go there.

Michelle said...

So let me get this straight.

You want us to take pictures of our naked arses...

... and email them to you...

...and you will "judge" them?


Question - what size do the photographs need to be? E.g. 200kb or 3 MB - you know, how much arse is too much arse?

wv. muctedi: a person who takes photographs of other people's arses and examines them

IT IS ALLY said...

Raquel - THAT'S the spirit!

Lily - Not sure yet. Will have a think about it! Something good, though

Andrea - Thank you. I have taken your suggestion on board.

Michelle - Kind of! More like you take the photo, send it through, and then everyone ELSE judges. All bums are strictly anonymous throughout. Re: photo size - it's not the size of the arse that matters, but the clarity of the arse. A high res arse is best.

Anonymous said...

I have a business of taking bum photos... well sort of... www.threeboudoir.com! I am gonna submit some anonymous bum photos now. I gots lots! Woo-hooo!!! great idea!

Em said...

You will NEVER get my bum. But I will definitely vote because I am all in favour of democracy and that. Just like Paul Dickhead Henry.

bluzdude said...

I think it's a fantastic idea!

wupppy said...

I was wondering what I was going to do with all my bum pictures. count me in!

Phil said...

will you be,e r, entering your own bum?
Also - must bums be naked?

chris.dadness said...

Sounds like you are going to amass quite an arsenal.

Thea said...

When's the deadline? I'm working a lot in the next few days, I hope I have time to figure out how to set my camera on a timer and get the focus right and all.

Anonymous said...

Are there going to be men's & women's divisions or is this just for the best overall bum?