Sunday, January 30, 2011

show us your totes

Pole dancing class was cancelled!

Which is something it would've been awesome to find out before I bumped into the advertising manager in my mildly ridiculous pole dancing gear and he looked at me as if to say, 'please tell me you haven't been wearing that around the office all day.' Never mind. We gave up and went for a drink instead. Will find another class another time.

In other news, I have started saying 'totes' all the time. Totes, for those who don't know, it what you say when you mean 'totally,' but only if you are super fucking cool. Totes cool.

Google Images thinks this is 'totes cool.'

I have to stop saying it because I keep having ideas like, "get a tote bag and stencil TOTES on the side" (because it totes totes). If you want one of these bags, let me know.

Also I want to buy a smartphone, but have no idea about what to buy or why to buy it so if anyone has any bright ideas or insider info I'd really appreciate it.

Also I want to plant a hothouse garden and fill it with bees.

In other other news, I have been writing some fiction over at Swonderful's blog (Part 2 is at the top, scroll down for Part 1). If you like that kind of thing then you should go and read it. If you don't like that kind of thing then go and check out the site anyway because they have some lovely clothes, and everyone needs clothes.

Otherwise we would all be naked and, while that would answer some long-held questions about my friends and colleagues, it would be hard to ride public transport. Or play cricket*.

p.s. the 'V word' tshirt is about veganism, not any other V words which might have sprung to mind. In an attempt to find a nice picture sure to offend any vegans in the audience I googled 'serious vegan' but then I came across the New York City Vegetarian Scrabble Society, and then I came across 'Tofurky Kielbasa' (Gourmet, Meatless, Delicious!**) and thought "fuck this," and closed the window.

p.p.s. imagine the scene at the NYCVSS if your word was 'steak.' Would you wimp out and play 'steal' instead, losing yourself four points? What if it was on a double word score? What if it was the last word you needed to win, and all you could make was 'veal'?

*cricket-related: Southee is cute. Does anyone else think this?

**I don't believe you.


Anonymous said...



BookieMonster said...

Southee is totes cute.

bonnie said...

iPhone. Major totes.

Juicebox said...

That's totes inapro.

cerebral e said...

1. NZ plays cricket? I wouldn't know as I never watch.

2. You should totes make a "TOTES" tote bag and have it as a giveaway. I promise I wouldn't win this time. The pinata remains intact due to soft cock party guests who thought it was "too cute to smash." Sigh.

3. "Totes" goes with "whatevs".

4. I'm waiting for July until the new iPhone is released.

a cat of impossible colour said...


The Lissst! said...

Pole Dancing eye? I Think my Grandma tried that once in the 40's. In fact, I think that's how she met my grandpa. So...if it wasn't for pole dancing I don't think I'd be here.
Wow. That was fucking stupid.
Sorry. This isn't even the right post.
Nice Blog.

Michelle said...

southee is cute and he always looks so happy when you see him on the pitch - I feel like we're sharing a little joke. (don't tell anyone I said that, I'm kind of ashamed)

wv: restomp: what you do when you didn't quite kill the spider the first time

IT IS ALLY said...

Thank you iPhone people!

Thank you also 'Southee is totes cute' people, because he totes IS.

Juicebox - was going to ask whichpart was inapro but WHOLE THING is. Hopef not too bad

cE - We do! Not usually very well. I will make the TOTES tote and see how it is received. Whatevs goes with maybs.

Lisssst! - Thanks for stopping by / you stay classy. Comments are still valid if left on wrong post.

Michelle - I'M GOING TO TELL HIM. ON TWITTER. Good wv btw

Molly said...

F*k the iPhone. Reject Mac tyranny. Embrace Google tyranny instead, go Android.
Samsung Galaxy S. Awesomeness.
Southeee is cuuuuute and this from a South African!
Maybs goes with forealz.

IT IS ALLY said...

Molly - Aha! Someone from the other camp! I think I'll borrow other people's phones across all genres and play with them until I have a favourite. Hopef everyone is ok with that. (Hopef goes with maybs and forealz.)

Glad you agree re: cute. FAN CLUUUB TIIIIIME

Michelle said...

ps. it wasn't you in this Southee-plane-lewd-act incident?? ;)

wv: akenderr: lewd act committed in a business-class aeroplane cabin with famous New Zealand cricketer

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