Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Little Yellow Tractor

Hi everyone. Here's what I did today while putting off doing more important things. I also spent some time serenading the dog ("But Charlie I'd still catch a grenaaaaaade for ya'"), drinking coffee and making dolphin puns, which I'm not going to inflict on you here because there would be no real porpoise.

I have written a children's story and now all I need is an illustrator. Could it be you? I have included helpful instructions for illustrations.

The Little Yellow Tractor
a children's story

Once upon a time there was a little yellow tractor. He lived on a farm with all the other tractors, and he was the smallest of them all!
Picture of little yellow tractor surrounded by other, larger tractors. Big tractors look mean. Little yellow tractor looks peppy & resourceful.

Because the yellow tractor was so small, he was never allowed to do any of the big jobs that the other tractors did. Poor yellow tractor!
Picture of sad yellow tractor watching other tractors leave farm to do important tractor things.

Then one day...
suspenseful page turn

The little yellow tractor saw the other tractors going out to work, and quick as a flash he hid in the back of their line and before the farmer could see him, he was out the gate!
Picture of line of tractors going across a paddock; little yellow tractor is at the back looking at the reader and doing thumbs up. With whatever the tractor equivalent of thumbs is.

What a naughty tractor!
That is a line that the whole family can say together.

After a whole day of working in the fields, the little yellow tractor was tired and ready to go back to the farm. But when he went to find the other tractors to go home...
suspenseful page turn

They were gone!
Picture of no tractors.

Poor little yellow tractor! He was lost, all alone, and it was starting to get dark.
Picture of yellow tractor in middle of forest looking scared.

"Oh no," he thought, "I'll never get back to the farm now! I should never have followed the bigger tractors." And he sat down and started to cry.
Picture of crying tractor. Crying in the 'I know this is all my own fault' kind of way. Also, sitting down. I don't really know how you're going to draw that.

But just as the little yellow tractor had given up hope, he heard a sound from far away... it was the biggest tractor of them all, blowing his horn!
Picture of that. If tractors have horns.

The little yellow tractor got up and went as fast as his wheels (?) could carry him, over paddock after paddock, until he went over a hill and...
suspenseful page turn

There was the farm!
Picture of farm. Little yellow tractor looks relieved.

As the little yellow tractor went back through the farm gates, he thought, "I'm never going to go out with the big tractors again!" And he slept all night long.
Picture of sleeping tractors; many ZZZ signs.

But the next day...
Picture of tractors leaving the farm; little yellow tractor is hiding near the back and giving a big tractor the finger winking at the reader.

If anyone would like to illustrate this let me know because I'm pretty sure we could be billionaires.


Em said...

I think it's enough that you've written the little yellow tractor words in yellow. Genuis! (I would take a commission on that.)

Um, you've got a lot of time on your hands, haven't you?

IT IS ALLY said...

Unemployment is indeed treating me well. I now have time for all of my side projects. Also today I made a song called "Curry On My Wayward Naan."


Tab said...

Could the tractor perhaps be orange? I drew one of those today instead of studying. Also I like the idea of becoming a billionaire.

IT IS ALLY said...

I am perfectly OK with the tractor being orange.

chris.dadness said...

Is the song addressed to the naan? As in "Curry On, My Wayward Naan" - keep doing that curry thing you do so well. If so - then this is ANOTHER CASE OF THE FORGOTTEN COMMA

IT IS ALLY said...

Well, it WAS. Now it's just a comment on the state of the naan/location of the curry. Which, I'm sure you'll agree, doesn't require even a hint of a comma.

slommler said...

Your children's story is delightful!! And it sounds like you will have plenty of people trying out to be your illustrator!
Sounds like you are having way too much fun!!

Da said...

Here is my illustration for page four ... picture of no tractors.

your cheque will be in the post?

IT IS ALLY said...

SueAnn - Thankyou! Yes, interest higher than anticipated... I probably need to get a real job again shortly and stop mucking about with tractor stories. I'll get around to it eventually!

Da - Very good. No cheque til see rest of illustrations.