Sunday, September 04, 2011


Hello everyone! I am exhausted after long week at work and lovely weekend away in Kaikoura and this is more or less to let you know that I am aliiiiive, albeit a little bit battered. Like a nice piece of cod. A nice, self-aware piece of cod that is really sleepy and also quite hungry and should probably have eaten something at the airport.

In news: last week I went to Fashion Week, courtesy of work - more on this later - and also had fleas, courtesy of my flatmate's cat. I would recommend you never, ever get fleas. You may have that advice for free. I should write an advice column:

"Dear Ally,
My boyfriend/colleague/yoga coach is behaving weirdly after I mentioned a new position I was interested in. I feel judged. Should I talk to them about it, or just not mention the Reverse Cowgirl/Accounts Administrator/Downward Facing Dog ever again?
Sincerely, Desperate."


And now it is time for me to take off my makeup and go to bed, just like this.

Night night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite!



Anonymous said...

i love the panda and the cod analogy!xx

Michelle said...

just went to your twitter tweety thing. tried to 'like' all your stuff but turns out what happens on facebook stays on facebook.

Still can't believe that you're hobnobbing with famous peeps like Moata and fashion week and SAckerman. Surprising that you still post over here for all us normal people and stuff.

Was going to have a wee laugh about you having fleas, but then remembered back to when I had midgie bites in Australia and was so itchy I had to flamingo in public places just so I could reach my ankles to itch. i almost wished i had one of those cat collarz for my legs.

wv: consp: when the constipation is so constipated it can't even say its own name

Flatmate said...

They isn't fleas. They is lovebites. Shut up.

Also I am never buying you anything ever again.