Thursday, August 23, 2007

Blog blog blog blog

I now feel MUCH better (and slightly guilty about taking the day off work, but I feel I must convalesce properly and it would surely do more harm than good to overdo it at this stage). I am, therefore, lounging about drinking coffee and stuffing chocolates into my face. Stuff, stuff, stuff. This is silly as will probably be sick again.

Seems like everyone plays something in a shitty band these days! I have decided that perhaps a life of crime is a better idea. Vic and I had a long technical discussion about Having a Life of Crime. Obviously should you read in the news that a large and dramatic heist has been pulled off in the general Wellington region, it has nothing to do with me and we never had this conversation. Not that it will matter, anyway, because by the time you read about it me and my private jet will be at my estate in Mexico. Ryan has offered to come along and take photos of me committing heist of the century. Told him this was not very useful.

Will add more to this later; am now going to go and sit in the sun and read my book.

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