Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I Feel Better.

I am still intermittently being sick, but this is ok as feel less like DEATH. Shall see how I am tomorrow, hmmm?
I appear to have committed to going and playing pool with Tim of the Stunning Socks and Sandals. So perhaps I shall stay in my sickbed for another day! Hah. No. That would be mean, as tomorrow is...sob...our last night together!
Have decided to come back on Sunday, talked Ryan into collecting me from ferry, so that's all organished. Ish. Unless he is doing something with his girlfriend (have informed him that his priorities are all wrong...but he made the excellent point that if she beats him up, I'll have to play the high notes at band, which is traditionally his job. Not sure I could manage being in sole charge of accidentals AND upper register.) Really must check ferry times & let him know or will end up in hideously expensive taxi. Rather than hideous EMOTIONAL expense of Ryan! Hahaha.

Have checked ferry times. Very proud of myself. Quite an achievement. I am bored stupid. I now know why they say that...I can feel myself getting stupider. Sure I was smarter than this yesterday! Really must get back to Wellington and let brain return to previous state of constant fermentation (ideas fermenting, not a comment on how much I drink when in Wellington) rather than current state of constant atrophy. Oh, the triumphal return! With less hair, but more WISDOM.

Actually, just with less hair.

I shall walk into band and everyone will go GOSH! -and Hugo will fall down dead in surprise (yay!) Ditto for monsoon, flat, general circle of friends, with the obvious exception of Hugo's Imminent Demise. (Anyone wanna come to a lynching?)
Or else everyone will look at me in horror and be very, very polite. Hopefully the former.

Tim has just txt and asked what I see in him. Feel it would be impolite to say BUGGER ALL or COMEDY VALUE so am pretending have gone to sleep. Am possibly not a very nice person.

Right must go as shitty tv movie on and also am possibly going to be sick again. Yay! Better out than in, as my grandmother used to say. She was talking about gas, though.

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