Saturday, August 11, 2007

People Are Nutters

Anyone who wishes to contradict this should meet the people I know.

I'm having one of those days where I look at humanity and shake my head in confusion and faint dismay. Not that I'm any less dysfunctional, but at least I REALISE this. I don't wander blithely about being a total idiot and thinking my molecular structure is made entirly of COOL. (Carbon dioxide. With Lithium.) Usually I realise when I'm being a total dick. (Carbon Dysprosium Potassiate, in case you were wondering. No, I have not wasted precious moments of my life googling how to spell 'DyCK' using the periodic table.)

I have been doing much writing on the murder mystery scenarios. I have done precious little else, though. I have not 'jumped the shark.' Or, for that matter, 'tapped the zeitgeist.' I AM the zeitgeist. Pssh. Who am I kidding, they don't let you be things you're not 100% sure you can pronounce properly. I have become semi-addicted to Bebo. This is chronically sad and it's only happening because I know no-one in Nelson! Apart from my father and his girlfriend. Although her son, who is my age, is coming to stay in a week. She and Dad have devised a plan where we all have a movie night together and the son, whose name I cannot remember, and I fall HOPELESSLY in LOVE.

This is unlikely as he is a 'happy smiley boy.' I have read between the lines and think he is probably an idiot. I am, however, open to being proved wrong.

I think I may go back upstairs, get my laptop, and do some more Work, thus giving me something to feel good about when I go to bed, rather than just that uncomfortable knowledge of Having Not Done Anything, which tends to give me strange dreams. Mind you, I have been having strange dreams all week...dreams about people I used to know, popping up again in bizarre emotional circumstances. It seems that whenever I have a dream about Jaron, it sets off a week or two of incredibly vivid, emotionally draining dreams. I was going to open another window and do something related to this, but Dad yelled from the mezzanine an update on the plot of something I'm blatantly not watching, and it flew out of my head. "Who are you keeping informed," I asked, "being as I'm not watching?" "Imaginary audience." I would like to blame this on the two (!) blocks of cadbury king-size that we've eaten (to be fair, Dad did deal to most of them). He is now yelling enthusiastically along with the man from the Easi-Off Bam! ad.

And I only have one day off before going back to work, and I'll spend it sitting around thinking about how I don't want to go back to work.

What a Flourine Uranium Carbon Potassium Erdine.

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