Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Today At Work I

...went to the bathroom three times. Must remember to only have coffee at smoko, not lunch, otherwise is embarrassing when go to the bathroom more than anyone else. Coffee is instant and horrible, so this shouldn't be hard.

...discovered through an unintentional process of trial and error that one of the worst songs to have stuck in your head, ever, is that one that goes "So there I was, diggin' this 'ole, 'ole in the ground, quite deep and sorta round" and that's really about all I know. It's such a jaunty tempo, though, and such a catchy tune that it just goes round and round and round. Like the 'ole. After that I promptly thought "Well, at least it's not Crazy Frog." And then I spent about 20 minutes wanting to DIE.

...had an idea for a makeover reality TV show where teams of experts pick up crack whores and try and pass them off as society types. They are, of course, in competition for a million dollars (although I haven't figured out how to get 'stranded on a desert island' into it yet.) It shall be Pygmalion for this generation! I will call it "Pimp My Ho'." You have no idea how long that amused me for between lunch and afternoon smoko today. Is that name ironic? postmodern? stupid? genius? I DON'T KNOW ANYMORE.

...found an earwig. Hooray!

And now I am home again...was about to sit in front of the fire with a book but Dad has just txt and said "Me and Barb (the ladyfriend) home for dinner in half hour. Can you do prep please." So now I am going to go and cook pastas and chop sprouts and defrost chicken. Bugger, bugger, bugger. I don't even LIKE sprouts. I think they are an ABOMINATION of the VEGETABLE WORLD.

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