Monday, August 06, 2007

Trumpet Superstar

I am not one, but I wish I was. Although not in a hugoesque way. Have been playing The Force of Destiny repeatedly (wish I'd not been an idiot and brought some more music. in a grammatically structured way.)

Why are harrowgate toffees called that?

Today I got a job. Working in a vineyard. Cutting root stock. Expect post about how bored I was and hore sore my hand is and how I kept cutting my fingers. But, you know, it's money and money allows me to a) have something to fall back on when I return to Wellington, rather than have to survive on bread and constantly panic about money, and b) go to Wellington this weekend on an overnight trip for a variety of reasons ranging from the mundane (pick up music, hairwax) and the bizarre (take underage percussionist from Napier out drinking). I am SICK of vineyard work and I haven't even started yet.
It starts at eight in the morning. This is a ridiculous hour to be doing anything except sleeping. I might start getting up early and writing before work, otherwise my star chart will remain unstarred FOREVER (this is not the ideal outcome.)

Speaking of which, I should go and do some writing now, allowing me to watch Kung Fu Hustle when it comes on at half eight.

Is this what a harrowgate tastes like?

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