Saturday, December 08, 2007


Overwhelmingly prevalent themes of this week just passed:
- work
- family dramas
- bloody band carolling
- excessive drinking
- correspondingly excessive lapses in judgment
- correspondingly excessive hangovers.

It has not been the most magnificent of weeks. I am TIRED and have to do the following things today:

- finish tidying room (have got to the stage where everything has been put into piles (by myself) by category (i.e. Useful Things, Books, Pens, Things Which Are Useful But Not Often Used, Things Which Are Not Useful But Don't Want To Throw Away In Case I Ever Need Them, Unopened Letter From IRD (yes, they warrant their own pile) etc.) but now have to put the piles away. Normally at this stage the piles sort of merge into one big pile and everything stays as it was but that is not going to happen.)
- do load of washing (including sheets as realised have not washed sheets in a revoltingly long time as am HOBO)
- play carolling thing at hotel for Bloody Band
- eat although right now do not feel like eating as am hungover again
- play second carolling thing for Freemasons (own fault as last time played for Freemasons told them would be available)
- have a NAP. Nap is very important as hopefully after nap will feel better.
- blow up airbed. Preferably, but probably not actually, before nap.
- meet Nunchi for a drink although am tired. Really must have nap.

I don't think I have any exciting news. I have plenty of unexciting work stories, but I shall spare you.

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