Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Another Lunch Break

Josh has just accidentally delivered his fatal combo from a rap battle he has been having. The final line was "rip your shit up so bad you're gonna need a plaster."
Was considering coming back with something high-caliber (I would say high-calibre, but my stylinz be a WEAPON) like "whatever you throw, I'ma give it back harder/ smack you down so fast you gonna feel like a pinata" but couldn't really think of anything else.

Perhaps I was not made to be a rap star.

I do not WANT to go back and do more work! (Perhaps I was made to be a rap star. Perhaps I was just made to be a BADASS)

Work has been boring today. In stark contrast to every day? Good point.

Josh is thinking of writing a poem for a girl for Valentine's day. i offered to help but was turned down (although I maintain that sometimes being slightly obscene is the best way to get your point across). Bollocking Valentine's day, I am not going to get any valentines (unless I buy myself chocolates and send them to me at work, anonymously, but that's a bit sad and probably not something to do for a few years yet). Unless the chocolates had been moulded in amusing shapes. Perhaps I should send Valentines cards to people I barely know, with obscene poems in them. the cards, not the people.

I feel that I should spend the afternoon crafting these poems, to ensure that they are of the highest quality.

Oh! i am going for a drink with BBC next week. I am disproportionately unexcited. Perhaps I should send a Valentines day poem to all of the people in my company. From someone else's computer. Exposing all of their secrets. Most of which would be made up by myself as I do not yet know all of the company gossip.

Right, back to the office! Oh, the invigoration. I cannot tell you how my heart lifts at the thought.

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