Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Trouble with Indie Rap is that nothing rhymes with Zeitgeist

Valentine's Day! All of my roses, chocolates etc. appear to have been lost in transit. Perhaps when I get back to work after lunch they will be on my desk in their warm, fuzzy hordes.

Mind you, perhaps no valentines is not so bad - workmate was telling me about a friend of theirs who got breakfast in bed (consisting of cup of coffee and toast cut in the shape of a heart). Right up there with "Happy Valentine's Day, darling, here's a cup of tea and a sandwich from Starmart."

Am spending the evening in traditional singleton fashion - get nothing, get bitter, get drunk. Actually am going to movie with (also unattached) flatmate, then out for margaritas with some people from work...this is all well and good until you consider that the second, unofficial part of the plan is drink far too much, txt someone inappropriate declaring my love in what seems at the time a hilarious, tongue-in-cheek fashion but is actually just blunt, then going to bed and waking to hideous memory of txt. Hurrah! Perhaps will prove I am a grown-up by not doing that.

Ha, ha.

In other news, BBC is not as single as previously hoped (have I already mentioned this? can't remember), so we will just be Friends. I have totally already mentioned this (it's all flooding back), but would just like to restate that People who Aren't Single Shouldn't Flirt. Just like people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, except with no similarity apart from the sentence structure.

Am now going to go and get something to EAT then go back to WORK.

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