Friday, February 08, 2008

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Why is Blogger set to Korean? I am not Korean.
What I am is very bored and on my lunch break. Work has been amazingly dull today. Even whilst being yelled at by someone for something (sorry about all the vagueness but I'm sure you understand it's all very hush-hush, old chap) that wasn't actually anything to do with me I was bored. I couldn't even muster up the energy to be righteously angry. Perhaps I am jaded? When one is tired of peddling mobile card processing solutions, one is tired of life.

Not helping the boredom is that BBC (Business Banker Crush, for those of you who get confused by my constantly self-evolving love life and need to be reminded from time to time) has not deigned to email me today. Alas! Alas Alack! See, you would think this might make me more productive but it doesn't. It just makes me more prone to sulks.

I don't wanna go back to work after lunch :( I wanna start DRINKING. But I can't start drinking until after the company meeting, which although about as exciting as a particularly boring vomit and equally as appealing does mean I don't have to do any work from about 4. Factoring in some time for pre-meeting excitement I may not have to do anything else all afternoon! In stark contrast to this morning, of course.

i have an online friend who is telling me about how he talked a friend out of suicide by making an analogy using sexuality and Dance Dance Revolution. I am now waiting with bated breath to see how exactly he linked these two (apparently) unrelated themes.

"You play and you play and your feet ache and your chest feels like it's on fire and even your wrists start to hurt"
"But you keep playing because when you pass a song or beat your old record it's really worth it"
"Life's sort of like that."

I don't think anything else I can add will top that.

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