Saturday, February 02, 2008

Andrea Suggested I Update my Blog

...and so I am! Although I don't really have anything exciting to report. I do, however, have several unexciting things to report, as below:

- work is the same but worse. if it were plotted on a graph where y = time and x = excitement it would show up as a steadily declining line. This could also be said of graphs where y = time and x = job satisfaction/financial security. however if x = temptation to crack entirely and run amok with stapler, stapling faces of co-workers (y still = time) the line would be pointing the other way.

- my older sister emailed me saying "I used to babysit for a guy who I just found on Facebook- you should Facebook him and ask him on a date!" I have never met him in my life and wouldn't know him from a bar of soap. Thusly my love life is summed up (and no, I didn't Facebook him. It's weird. What would you say?) Also in my love life are (deep breath is taken to reel off list of names)

Annoying, Really Stupid Ex (ARSE) - has not yet come to terms with the idea that I am NOT madly in love with him, despite the fact that we went out for a whole, beautiful week and a half (actually). Also thinks that he knows me really well and can therefore predict everything I will say and analyse everything I am thinking. I have discovered that that is my single most hated trait in anyone. This is why we only went out for a week and a half.

Persistent Emo Teen (PET) - Persistent. Emo. Teen. What more is there to say?

Business Banker Crush (BBC) - although I have only talked to him on the phone and over the E Mail, we are going to get married and have many children. Gah, no we're not! But we might go out for a drink next week. Watch this space.

And that will do for list of names (shan't feature EVERYONE because who has that kind of time, honestly, and also I can't think of any more snappy acronyms - GFISOSWWD(BWIJAF) (guitarist friend I sort of slept with while drunk (but who is just a friend)) doesn't have the same ring to it as ARSE and PET and BBC. ARSE!

other unexciting news? hmmm. am still apparently going to Brisbane with band.
Bean Ribs! Although Trumpet Player Nunchi Friend declared recently that he is not, in fact, going to Beanribs after all, which was a pain in the Annoying Really Stupid Ex because we had a sort of "you go, I go" deal but now it's just "I go, I go". and that's not the same at all. Sigh. I really must remember to apply for leave.

Other events of note (that was not a band pun) include yesterday at work everyone having to be sat down and told about a new scheme we're implementing to make everyone all healthy. We are expected to join groups and exercise, on our lunch hour, with our workmates. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the point of a lunch hour was to EAT SOMETHING and NOT BE AROUND YOUR WORKMATES. Just shows how ignorant I can be, huh? So that's something I can look forward to. Walking group starts this week. I do not own any shoes for trotting about the town in, red in the face, clutching a sandwich with one hand and getting the Indy. GAH.

Speaking of work, had a hideous day yesterday in which every minor mistake I have ever made came back to haunt me. Do not want to go to work on Monday but must remind myself that other people out there are having worse days for example the man who wanted his terminals to arrive this morning (they are not going to because he filled his forms out all WRONG.)

Anyway, I have to go and meet a friend for lunch (we are going to do some walking) and then go home and have a beer. Ah, beer. I am sorry this post has not been witty and/or fascinating, but I am tired and not very funny :(. See that emoticon? That's how not funny I am. I don't know how to make a sad face at the end of a sentence without making him (why is it a boy? huge socio-political ramifications, note to self: write research paper) look like there's a huge spot on his chin. Perhaps he has a date? Perhaps this time next week I will have a date! I am going to stop typing now because it's just a stream of consciousness, and by consciousness I mean twaddle.