Saturday, March 22, 2008

BrisBand the First

Well, it's the second really, but Blogger didn't let me post the first.

Where to begin? Flight was long and dull, and there's something about playing loud jazz on your laptop at the airport at 5am that makes other people want to kill you, Hugo. Got into Brisbane (really nothing to say about flight except that I watched Priceless, which is really rather good). Brisbane is, in the words of one of our more charmingly spoken cornet players, "hot like a MILF." It is so hot. On the first day we were here it rained and was hot at the same time. Ridiculously hot.

Hotel is lovely! Although internet very expensive (think $8 (AUD) for half an hour) so blogging may become sporadic as I run out of money. Mind you, I spent more than eight dollars on lunch today so must remember to keep these things in perspective. Hotel has v nice bar and restaurant, also outdoor pool with many loungers and potted palms - is on roof. Feel ever so slightly like a movie star when I go to the pool, prancing about in my red bikini and relatively well applied fake tan (this means no parts of me are noticeably different in colour to other parts, except for unfortunate hickey-like splodge on neck which has since faded).

Have become remarkably sick of several members of band who are clinging like limpets, to the point where I'm writing emails in overpriced (but cheaper than lunch) internet cafe & they sit behind me and comment loudly on my Facebook photos. Then I say "Hey I'm actually going to write some emails and my blog now, so you might wanna wander off, I could be a while," instead of taking this polite hint to fuck off they sit about and talk loudly for a further twenty minutes while I grit my teeth and don't blog.

Apart from that all is well - street march was this morning and was good except just before the step-off, as we were all braced up and at attention, one of the horn players farted REALLY loudly and everyone got the giggles. Small mishaps like this have studded our time here so far, but not in any detrimental way. We shall see how we go in the marching.

Hymn and test were a couple of hours ago - we're all pretty hopeful as it went well and the three bands I stuck around to listen to (it's a field of 14) were shite.

Am running out of internet time and am also Hungy, so will finish later!

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