Sunday, March 23, 2008

Quiero Irme a Casa

Alas, Brisbane is as I feared all along - have spent a large amount of money to have a lousy time. Lousy lousy lousy. We had better win the fucking contest, is all I have to say.

Saying that I expect the Gold Coast to be worse is like a meteorologist saying they expect a cyclone to do more damage than a light summer shower.

Fed Up! However as there is nothing I can do about it (and can't just hop on a plane as is 'spensive) am going to make best of it. Probably by avoiding everyone else in the world, shutting myself in the bathroom, and sleeping a lot. Except it's usually too hot to sleep.

And yes, I know that I'm on holiday and that not having a good time is mental and all of that, but it is hard to force yourself to have a good time when you're pissed off and cranky and can find no polite way to tell everyone to remove themselves from your immediate vicinity or you will not be responsible for your actions, which is pretty much how I feel. Also depressed. How stupid is that? "How was Brisbane?" "It was pretty depressing, actually." "...oh." So for all intents and purposes I am having a stunningly wonderful time and declare that there is simply nowhere else I would rather be! Actually, to be fair, Brisbane is pretty cool and the hotel is good. If band was suddenly vaporised (or turned into Money for me to spend) it would be the best holiday ever! Perhaps I shall spend the day visualising vaporisations and feeling better.

Am also annoyed as my roommate didn't come back to the room last night - she is 16 and I am meant to be keeping an eye on her, so spent about half an hour this morning racing about in a small panic wondering where she is (v out of character for her to wander off, or so I thought). Am now going to have to say "by the way, if you're not going to come back at night please let me know so I don't worry" and then she will make some remark like "ha ha ha sure, as long as you do the same when you go and sleep in other people's rooms eh." When she says this what she actually means is "I think you're a slut," which is ridiculous as I haven't been even remotely slutty on this trip. Perhaps that's why I'm not having fun? Perhaps I should just fulfill everyone's expectations by being constantly drunk and sleeping around.

Am going to have to go SHOPPING (after saying I'm just nipping out for a cigarette & not coming back - sneaky, I know, but an actual statement of intent to shop would mean other people would come along to give me the dubious benefit of their company).

Anyone who read this entire whiny post, leave a comment and I'll buy you a present for your tolerance. I promise to have a good time today.

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a cat of impossible colour said...

Buy me a present, Cranky McPooheadson! I read the whole thing :)