Monday, May 12, 2008


I haven't checked my hotmail account in about three weeks, and there is so much email. Most of it is from Facebook because I am too lazy to figure out how to turn off the email notification thingy. Really must do that as am wading through piles of "Sally commented on a photo on Facebook!" Gah gah gah.

Lots of photos from Brisbane - as per usual I have managed to look drunk, fat or just plain leery in all of them.

News? Have got to end of Facebook-email-deleting and am now reading Proper Emails.

At the moment life is evenly split between work, band, and The Show (which is a musical I'm playing trumpet for. Lucky me. Lucky them). Am v tired! But in a good way, rather than in a sleep-for-a-week way. Also I have knitted (knut?)my first scarf of the winter. will do proper update later in the week, possibly, but want to get all emails answered before go back to work. I am a slave to the email! Crap

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