Sunday, May 18, 2008

They say the neon lights are bright

in Christchurch? I have made one of my intermittent returns to the fold. Just for the weekend (6.45am flight home tomorrow, allowing me to step into the office at 8am, timing as sharp as suit (which is crumpled in bottom of bag and also not really suit, just pants and shirt which, come to think of it, don't really match each other or current choice of nail polish)).

Christchurch hasn't been bad, except that I haven't managed to catch up with any friends whilst here, for various (and for the most part valid) reasons - one of them is doing 48 hour film festival (unfortunately for the 48 hours I'm in town), one of them lost phone and had to Facebook me (I somehow typed that as Faecebook, which is not what I meant at all), which I didn't check...and SO ON. Apart from that, though, and the fact that I missed the final show (was playing for a musical, the run of which (bad grammar) finished last night), Chch was good - very family-filled but good nonetheless. Stayed long enough to have a break from home, but not so long that I got sick of it and started to complain. Would be nice if I had the morning off from work tomorrow, but I guess I can pretend to be all cosmopolitan and stylish.

Wait, what am I talking about, I am cosmopolitan and stylish.

But not too excited about work tomorrow. I have that unpleasant feeling that there was something I was meant to sort out on Friday but didn't, and that now it will be waiting when I arrive, and I will open my inbox and there will be an email with a little red ! next to it, and it will say "Remember that thing you were going to fix on Friday but forgot about/decided wasn't that important/couldn't be arsed doing right now? Well, you really shoulda done it, because now it's transformed into a huge mess which will take all morning to fix." Hmmm. Perhaps, as a nice surprise, that won't happen. Perhaps, as a nice surprise, the Powers that Be will tell me I have made it to the second round of interviews for in-house job I applied for. Hmmm. Perhaps I will fall asleep at desk.

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