Sunday, July 27, 2008

I Know I Said I Was Cleaning...

But I kind of like these things. Anyone else remember that period where these were constantly being emailed back and forth around your group of friends, and every time there was a new one it was so exciting? Gosh I wasted a lot of time with them. Completely unlike now, of course, because now I am a Grown Up and so instead of a Mildly Amusing Time-Waster this is an Exercise in Self-Examination. Hmmm.

What time did you get up this morning?
12.30, so technically it was this afternoon. In my defense: yesterday I got up at 6.15 pm, so 12.30 isn't so bad. Also it is the weekend - during the week I get up at 6.10am and go to Horrid Work.

Diamonds or pearls?
Diamonds. Pearls are not a girl's best friend, although they do rhyme with more than diamonds do. Diamonds from a jewelry point of view, pearls from a songwriting angle.

What was the last film you saw at the cinema?
Wow, I don't remember. I have phases with the cinema, where I'll go tons for a couple of months and then not at all for ages. Ummm...nope, don't remember. It probably wasn't overly good.

What is your favorite TV show?
There are many - at the moment Skins & CSI Miami (everything is orange and blue, and even the actors can't take it seriously). Also Bones and America's Most Smartest Model, when they were on. I also watch Outrageous Fortune and Hell's Kitchen but that's more because they're on on the nights when I'm home & I've become fond of them, like a cat which always hangs about your house and which you eventually start feeding. I also watch Coronation Street. In a very modern, post-ironic way.

What do you usually have for breakfast?
I don't - I'm one of those coffee-and-cigarette people. This is either very sophisticated or totally retarded, depending on your viewpoint.

What is your middle name?
It is a secret - it is the keyword to unlock a large safe full of dirty money. Sorry.

What food do you dislike?
Celery. Ick. Also parsnips.

What kind of car do you drive?
I...don't. Because I care about the planet. (Also because driving terrifies me and I don't have my license.)

Favorite sandwich?
Difficult question! There are so many. I will split them up into categories. (I know this is boring but I'm doing it for my enjoyment, not yours, so there.) Vegetarian: avocado & tomato, with lots of salt
Regular: smoked chicken, brie and relish
Toasted: bacon, egg & tomato relish
Steak: self-explanatory.

What characteristic(s) do you despise?
Despise is a strong word! There are many characteristics that annoy me or that I dislike but not sure if there are any I actually despise. I guess insincerity.

Favorite item of clothing?
Currently, is new checked pants. But will be something else next week. No, wait, actually is not new checked pants - they are favourite item of work clothing, but overall favourite would have to be red velvet dress that bought at opshop for $18 without even trying it on, and which is Perfect Fit. Mmm. Favourite.

If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go?
This question is ALWAYS asked. I would like to go to Greece.

Are you an organized person?
In some things more than others. I am highly organised when it comes to work, travel and cooking. But I am very disorganised at home, and my organisational systems usually make more sense to me than to anyone else.

Where would you like to retire to?
Somewhere by the sea.

What was your most recent memorable birthday?
Don't remember - I never remember what I did on birthdays or on New Year's, which apparently makes me a freak of nature. "How can you not remember what you did on your BIRTHDAY," they ask. Is like not remembering where you were when you heard that Diana had died. Not that my birthday has the same social consequences as - right, onto next question.

What are you going to do when you finish this?
Finish cleaning the bathroom. I swear.

When is your next birthday?

Morning person or night person?
Have always been a night owl and hideous in the mornings, but since I started walking the 35-40 minutes to work recently I've become a lot better in the mornings (i.e. actually cheerful when I arrive at work at 8am, rather than previous habit of being inhuman blob of grouchy tiredness until about 10.30). So perhaps I am morning-y after all.

What is your shoe size?
8 and a half.

None. I have a zebra plant, though - plants are about as much pet as I can handle.

Any new and exciting news you'd like to share with us?
BIRTHDAY TUESDAY TUESDAY BIRTHDAY. Actually that's not even that exciting for me.

What did you want to be when you were little?
Don't remember.

How are you today?
Clean and organised! If feeling a little resentful about Ick Band tonight. It won't be that bad when I get there, it never is.

What is your favorite flower?

What is a day on the calendar you are looking forward to?
TUESDAY BIRTHDAY. Also next Friday - large work party at which I will probably get irresponsibly tanked off the free alcohol and make advances towards someone inappropriate who I will then have to face on Monday. Who wouldn't look forward to that?

What are you listening to?

Do you wish on stars?
Sort of - I find that wishes I make on stars never come true, so I try to second-guess this by a) making small, unimportant wishes to cover up my Actual Wish and b) having a conversation with the star concerned in an attempt to make it see my point of view and not instantly dismiss my wish.

If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
Why is this question always asked? If I was a crayon, I would be white with fear at my inevitable smudgy death.

How is the weather right now?
Cold and drizzly - the weatherpeople said "WATCH OUT BIG STORM" but so far it has been a bit of a letdown

Last person you spoke to on the phone?
A friend who called last night to see if I wanted to go to a party. I didn't.

Favorite soft drink?
Raspberry Fanta.

Favorite restaurant?
Ummm...hmm. Nothing stands out currently, although there are a couple of nice Japanese restaurants I go to from time to time.

Hair color?
Dark brown

What was your favorite toy as a child?
My bear. Her name was Violetta-Lucy Marie DuChamp Bear and she was all class

Summer or winter?
Winter - I don't tan well and find summer gives me no scope to be dramatic

Chocolate or vanilla?

Coffee or tea?
Coffee. I would be nothing without coffee. I also enjoy a nice cup of tea, but I can have a functional workday without tea, whereas without coffee I don't stand a chance.

When was the last time you cried?
Couple weeks ago when I was sick - I'm awful at being sick. I go to the doctor, feeling rotten, and the doctor says something sympathetic and I burst into tears at how NICE the doctor is and how SICK I am.

What is under your bed?
Nothing - my bed is a mattress on the floor. So I suppose, technically, the floor is under my bed. The FAWN CARPETED FLOOR is under my bed.

What did you do last night?
Watched two crappy movies on TV, did small amount of writing, and read The Partisan's Daughter by Louis de Bernieres. Recommend it.

What are you afraid of?
I wouldn't say 'afraid of' exactly, but I have spider issues

Salty or sweet?

How many keys on your key ring?
One, my house key - actually I found my old keyring today while cleaning, and it still has the key to my old house and, more worryingly, the keys to my old workplace

How many years at your current job?
8 months. But if it helps, it feels like years. IN A GOOD WAY

Favorite day of the week?
Depends. Friday?

Do you make friends easily?
My charm and amiability are the stuff of legend.

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