Sunday, July 27, 2008

So Much Clean

I have spent all day cleaning and unpacking and tidying and organising and cleaning. This is very out of character, I know, but it needed to be done (especially the unpacking, as have now been in this flat for a month and still had boxes and suitcases at random points all over my room, adding to the overall post-pinata effect & giving me something to walk into when getting up in the night to go to the bathroom).

So now everything is nicely in order - well, nicely in piles which need to be put in order, but almost the same thing - and just needs to be tidied (I am having a break). Kitchen is also much cleaner - dishes are no longer threatening to become sentient and claim the bench as their sovereign territory - and bathroom has been cleansed of hair dye stains, empty toilet rolls, little travel shampoos (also empty - there were 5 of these - where do they all come from?) and other messy things. Am feeling very virtuous.

Do, however, still need to tidy lounge as for the last two evenings I've been home by myself (flatmate in Auckland until Tuesday, which is, incidentally, my BIRTHDAY) and have made a big mess. Most of the mess seems to consist of soup bowls, old teabags, and cosmetics ("I know, I'll pluck my eyebrows!" So far plucking my eyebrows has been a two-day job - I keep starting then getting distracted and going 'oh I'll finish this later'). So it will not be hard to tidy up, but it will have to be tidied. After little break has finished (but before Band (ick, Band)).

Is very tempting to skip Ick Band but then would not be responsible citizen. I am having mixed feelings about starting rehearsals for The Show - am excited by sheer theatricality of it, of course, but then the reality of taking the train out to the theatre and back 3 times a week sinks in and I go "eurgh." Also don't know yet whether or not have got a main part or am merely chorus (WHAT a snob).

Anyway, have left industrial-strength Jif-like product that flatmates filched from her work fizzing in the bathroom sink, so might go and wash that off before it strips all the enamel and I have to concoct an elaborate lie.

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