Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sick Day

I am not at work because I am SICK! My glands have all swollen up and I keep being ill. No fun is being had here today (although this may change as I plan to buy some candy (which will then be thrown up again, but such is life) and watch Dr Phil and be secretly pleased that I am too sick to work). I have called work. I left a message (after first talking to myself to make sure I sounded sick - I am, I really am, but I don't want people to think I'm not. Maybe I should take a photo of my vomit and put it on Face- no, that's revolting) saying "I might be in at lunchtime, will see how I go." Have just called again and informed colleague that I will not be in at lunchtime.

Think will be in tomorrow, though - hope will be in tomorrow! Otherwise work will mount to a ridiculous level. Also I then might have to take illness seriously enough to go to the doctor, which I hope I don't have to do because a) it's expensive and b)it's a hassle and c) the doctor always guilt-trips me about my crappy lifestyle and poor diet and so on. Also I usually find that when I get there my symptoms are less dramatic than they were at home and they sound quite pathetic when reeled off. Which makes me feel like I should exaggerate, but that's ridiculous because how is the doctor meant to diagnose you properly when you're making things up? Long story short, I don't like going to the doctor and hope that tomorrow I am ALL BETTER and don't have to.

No new news...being at home all day is BORING. BORING BORING BORING BORING.

Maybe I will hobble down to the dairy. But that would mean taking off slippers and putting on shoes...or would it??

Everyone knows you get to wear slippers out of the house when you are sick (or old).

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