Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Off Work All Week!

Am still sick. Went to the doctor today and she prodded me in sensitive places then said, "Take these and do not go back to work this week." I started to say "Wh-" and she fixed me with a beady stare and said "Not even if you make a miraculous recovery! Stay home and REST." So now I have been laid off until next week. I am going to be bored! Especially now that I have medication & won't feel so invalid. (I like the way that the noun use and the adjective use of 'invalid' tie in so nicely. it is possibly the only thing I like about being sick.) It's one thing to lie about on the couch all day feeling rotten and being stinky and constantly eating (another thing: meds have to be taken 1 hour after food and 2 hours before, so can't just constantly EAT - lame) but another thing to just be at home being BORED SHITLESS (sorry). I will know the daytime TV schedule off by heart by end of the week. I know that I spend a lot of time complaining about work and wishing for days off, but I wish for days off where I can go into town and shop, and go out to cafes for lunch, and go on the ferry to Eastbourne and go to the PUB and things like that. I don't wish for days off where I stay at home all day and get frustrated that I am confined to the couch and can't do all of the above. ARGH BLAH. Perhaps will have to do much writing.

Gosh there are some crap shows on. Gang wars on Shorty! Whatever next? Have had coconut ice (was snack, does not count as three-hours-til-next-meal antibiotic measurement) and now have bits of coconut stuck in teeth, which I am idly picking out to amuse myself in the ad breaks. Have also made cup of tangerine & orange tea, which tastes like warm orange juice but is for some reason quite satisfying.

I am bored! Was going to write little poem about coconut ice but it would've been, um, crap.

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