Saturday, August 23, 2008

In a Spot of Hot Water

I wish I was. Something's gone wrong with our water heating, and I haven't been able to have a shower since Thursday morning (it is Saturday afternoon). The power is fine. The taps and shower thingy are fine. The hot water cylinder is stone cold. Something is not right here. Am wondering if perhaps it had something to do with the fuse blowing on Wednesday night? Know very little about fuses. It's possible that when we were trying to fix the fuse we accidentally turned off the water cylinder. I think we are going to have to call the landlord so that we can continue to wash ourselves and the dishes. I hate not being able to get up in the morning and have a shower - not only do I rely on shower to wake me up and get me in a functioning mental state, I also hate the feeling of having dirty hair and worry about being stinky. I'm not stinky, but I worry that I am. Hair is greasy mess. Hate hate hate lack of hot water.

I did bake biscuits this morning, though - I woke up and in a fit of domesticity cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom and baked vanilla biscuits with jam in the middle of them. That sentence was grammatically terrible but I do not care. Am going to a party tonight - am sure it'll be fun when I get there, but right now I am feeling grotty (due to lack of shower and icky cold - learnt yesterday that Robitussin makes me vomit, then sit in a dizzy, dazed state for hours (although to be fair, it did stop me coughing)) and poor and generally disagreeable, and would rather not go. Especially as will have to straighten greasy mess of hair to within an inch of its life.

We really must call the landlord about the hot water today. Sigh.

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