Saturday, August 30, 2008

One hit wonders

C4 is playing a whole Top 40 of them! Once I ran to you, now I run from you...
I am having a quiet little rock out. Have become incapable of using the phrase 'rock out' in any seriousness (not that it was ever a particularly easy phrase to take seriously) a since a workmate of mine referred to another colleague (who was engaged in some blatantly excessive display of skill in front of the boss) as 'rocking out with his cock out.' I was so amused at this that now workmate has adopted 'rock out with your cock out' as a standard workplace phrase. So now I can't say 'rock out' any more.

Wow, what an unnecessary story. I was going to say that I am having a quiet Saturday night at home by myself, watching the Top 40 and mucking about on Facebook. I was going to talk about the two different types of tea I bought today (jasmine and coconut rooibos), and how I had yum cha for the first time and tried chicken feet (which turned out to be surprisingly like soggy, spicy KFC), and how VB sent me a rather pointless txt last night (thus proving his love once and for all), and how awesome the Pseudo Echo cover of Funkytown is (only #11 on the countdown? come on, NZ, you shoulda known to vote better than that), and that I am reading a very strange horror novel written in (let me check) 1975 in which the author gives you 5 pages of detailed backstory about a character then kills them off with a deadly fog (it sends you insane (the fog, although the whole 'getting you involved with a character then offing them 5 times in a row' thing is also pretty annoying)...novel is called THE FOG which pretty much sums up the subtlety of the writing style), and that I am going to go and visit my hometown in about 3 weeks, provided I get round to booking tickets, -

but then I distracted myself with a story about rocking out whilst exposing yourself.

Good work, soldier. As you were.

Three Beautiful Things
1. Went out last night for drinks with workmates as one of my good friends from work is going overseas for a month on Monday - it was a really good evening as everyone was in cheerful moods and we had a really good time. Also, I managed to survive the entire evening without drinking too much, staying out too late, spending too much money, saying any inappropriate things, sending any drunken txts, or embarrassing myself in a way not covered by any of the previous categories. In short, was completely unlike my usual evening out! And more fun. I should practice the ancient art of self-restraint more often.

2. While out last night, I had a daffodil pinned to my shirt for Daffodil Day - ended up giving this to a woman I met briefly whilst lining up at the bar (in slightly pissed but well-meaning spirit of charity). Ran into her about half an hour later, and she had stuck the daffodil in her hair and was showing it off to all and sundry.

3. Caught up with ex-flatmate today for coffee and a wander round the antique shops in my suburb - went into strange little curio shop where she bought an old Bible and an eggcup in the shape of a child (this is strange, I think). While she was chatting to the old gentleman behind the counter (who had some interesting points to make about God - "And do you read your Bible?" "I have studied it, but only the New Testament, so I thought I'd buy the Old Testament as well." "Remember, read it with your heart" - taps chest - "not your head. Our Lord, in his wisdom, saw fit to make the Bible something to read with your heart - if it made sense to apply your intellect then some people would be at a disadvantage" (am not sure if this is a very sensible thing to say or a convenient way to explain the complete irrationality of blind faith, old man is possibly a prophet but, then again, possibly not and that is not what this story is about)) I was fishing about in one of those little baskets of cheap thingies that often sit on the counter in junk/secondhand/antique shops and found a silver badge in the shape of a 7 which I was instantly taken with. It cost me 50c. I really, really like it - you know how sometimes you see an object and have an instant, um, aesthetic affinity with it? That wasn't a very good way of putting it - I just really liked the badge and felt like I was meant to come across it. I have pinned it on my jacket.

Wish TV had a remote. I am going to have to get off the couch now. Perhaps will test out one of my new teas while I'm up. No other news.

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