Monday, October 06, 2008

Captain Plant

That was meant to say Captain Planet, but Captain Plant is a far better title. Especially as post has nothing to do with Captain Planet - in fact I can't think of anything even vaguely conservation-related to write about, as I am about as ecologically conscious piece of toast. Not even whole-grain toast.

Not that I really have anything Captain Plant-related to talk about either (or even anything related to anything - as per usual, nothing exciting has happened since yesterday) except that our plant at work is now called Snuffles. I don't know why. It just sort of suits him. (His official title, though, is Captain Plant. As of about five seconds ago. Must remember to 'bring everyone up to speed' on this tomorrow.)

The thing about blogging frequently is that quality of entries decreases rapidly. I'm sure there's some sort of appropriate graph that I could insert here, but instead I'll just put in a link to - oh no wait I can't remember how to add links. (I should probably get some sleep.) I was going to link through to some hilarious comic or other but I can't remember how to spell the address and have cleared my browsing history. You know what I hear is good for remembering? Writing shit down. Why did I not write that shit down? Because I can't find my notebook, that's why. You know what I hear is good for not losing things? Not leaving them in dumb places.

Anyway, there is no news in this post (somehow, I don't think naming a plant really counts as news) so I shall go to bed -

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a cat of impossible colour said...

Captain Plant is an awesome name for a plant. Why did you start writing a post about Captain Planet? Your brain is weird.