Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Semi-Sobriety Project

Today is a day for giving Impressive Names to not-so-impressive things. I shall call it Outrageous Nomination Day! (See, that was a perfect example.)

The Semi-Sobriety Project is basically an experiment to see if I can not be drunk for two whole weeks. (See? Not a very impressive thing.)
It was originally going to be called the Sobriety Project, but it's VB's last day on Friday and I have a party to (possibly) go to on Saturday, so committing to not letting a drop of liquor pass my lips is, well, a little unrealistic. But not getting drunk is very admirable. Even if it is only for two weeks, which is an experimental timeframe. If it works, I'll extend it! (Maybe.) Sigh. It should probably be called the Mini Semi-Sobriety Project. The Mini HalfAssed Semi-Sobriety Project. It needs more strongly defined parameters. It may not even be a good is definitely a very boring thing to write a blog post about! No, don't even try arguing with me, I'm right.

I don't think anything interesting has happened since last post, really - I've continued to be sick (but have switched to taking medication before bed to eliminate weird side effects all day...this should mean the end of posts like the last one. Just imagine that nonsensical ramble applied to me at work. Yikes. Sorry about last week, work.)

What have I been up to? I was very primitive yesterday - Sal was out, so I sat on the couch and edited and napped and napped and edited and ate and napped and edited. Then I sat up until 2.30am talking to Mr Recent Romance on Facebook Chat (which, incidentally, is not a very romantic way of communicating - somehow, when you spend an hour flirting to get the Big Admission, and then the Big Admission is delivered in the form of "btw, I really like you :p" it's a little disappointing. Somehow. It creases me) and watching Pretty Dirty Things, or Dirty Pretty Things, or British Art Film which was actually very good. It was, I hate to say, pretty much more entertaining than Mr Recent Romance - who decided that while he likes me and would like to get to know me better, he doesn't want anything with strings attached. And we all know what that is subtle code for! Is the romantic equivalent of my Outrageous Nomination Day, I think.

Today I woke up at lunchtime, walked to the dairy, smoked a cigarette (oh, yes, meant to add that to Semi-Sobriety Project (I mean Mini Semi-Sobriety and Non-Smoking or at least Smoking Less, Maybe A Limit of Three A Day Project (this is the least well thought out health initiative ever))), bought the paper and a can of Coke for Sal, came home, made large amounts of coffee, read entire paper (apart from Sport, Business and Property, none of which interest me...perhaps they will when I'm older?) and did both crosswords, two word puzzles, and all three sudoku. Sudoku is a sheep word, isn't it, in that the plural is the same as the singular? one sudoku, three sudoku (all of which I completed, even the Hard one). Who would've thought sudoku and sheep would have something in common.

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